Please help me to find an author similar to J.H Chase.


I've been (and still is) a great fan of books written by James Hadley Chase but unfortunately i recently finished the last one and, literally knowing them all by heart thus not finding any sense in reading them again (for now), decided to pick up a different author.

I checked a couple books of relatively random authors i again randomly picked from the web basing on some books description and reviews (last one was Dark Passage by David Goodis) but honestly found them unintersting due to lack of attention to small details of the plot and enviroment ( like well made description of the area where the actions of the current novel take place or simply lack of details of any character appearance). After books of Chase where every character was alive due to great description of character, feelings, fate and history  - everything after i checked was really boring alright, like you reading something about someone who has no face.

Please suggest me any authors which are more or less similat to works of Chase?

P.S. Do not suggest Chandler and Hammet to me pls, i know and read them alright. They are great too.

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