While not exactly related to crime fiction- I wanted to announce that two of my flash fiction pieces will be published before the end of the year


Kindle All Stars contributor Frank Zubek
 ( The Gift- http://apiarysociety.typepad.com/kindleallstars/ )
 said that his flash fiction piece, Just A Theory, has been accepted over http://www.everydayfiction.com/ and can be read  there on November 28th. The plot? A man who feels that people who aren’t exactly model citizens seem to live longer, more carefree lives. So he conducts a one-month experiment, doing one bad thing a day, on the theory that it will add time to the rest of his life.
The problem is, with just three days left in the experiment, he gets caught!

And The Gift, is about a woman who encounters a mysterious librarian

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Congrats, Frank. May you get many hits.
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel


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