Recommendations? Twentysomething Female Sleuth Series with RomCom Touch

Hello, everyone!  It's certainly been a while.  Sorry I've been away, but I'll be stopping in from time to time.

I have a question for your rabid readers.  Besides novels by Janet Evanovich and Lisa Lutz, can you recommend to me a recent mystery series featuring a twentysomething female sleuth -- either professional PI or law enforcement -- with a light romantic comedic touch?  I know about Donna Moore, too.  Any others?

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Have you checked out Angel With A Bullet by M.C. Grant?

"If you have a taste for vintage crime fiction, screwball comedies, and the lighter side of noir, Angel With a Bullet might be right up your alley."

While the latest review on GoodReads begins: "I absolutely loved this book! ... The writing is very cheeky and humorous. I laughed out loud constantly throughout the book at the jokes, awkward situations, and descriptions. Right off the bat in Chapter 1, Dixie is counting boyfriends instead of sheep to go to sleep and it is hilarious." Full Review here

You might want to check out the Lola Cruz series by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez.  Very similar to Janet Evanovich, but not quite as over the top.  That Lola is Hispanic adds a different flavor to the genre.

Thanks for recommendation.  I'll check her out.

You may want to consider Cara Black's Aimée Leduc Investigation series.  Aimée's a professional PI in Paris, although it might be too gritty in tone and Aimée tends to fall for the bad boys.  Then there's Laura Levine's Jaine Austen.  This one definitely has the humor; her cat's name is Prozac!  I believe both heroine's are the upper end of the twentysomething spectrum if I remember rightly.  Hope this helps!

Also, when you said Donna Moore, did you mean Laurie Moore?

Love Cara's books!  Yes, I consider her series dark in tone, but maybe what I'm looking for is something in between Aimee and Levine's Jaine.  Thanks for the reminder about Laura Levine's series.  I've always wanted to try one, and this seems to be a good time to do so.

p.s. I definitely meant Donna Moore!  She lives in Scotland and is a member of Crimespace, although I see that she hasn't been active here for a while.  Check her books out.

Donna is hilarious. She also runs the Scottish crime fiction blog BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE at

This is fun - a video book review of Angel With A Bullet.
"This was a great crime/mystery novel with a light-hearted female lead. Highly recommended ..."

Ahem! if I may toot my own horn, I have published two books with a late 20's female private investigator / martial artist. "Beta" is available in eBook format on both Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. "Alpha" is available at Amazon in softback. In both books there are seriuos situations tempered with humorous scenes and a touch of romance even though it's not the main focus.


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