We've had a number of discussions concerning changes in the publishing industry, how those changes might impact sales, and what the future of publishing may hold. I came across the following information today and thought it could have a profound impact on publishing. I'm interested in your thoughts.

Lightning Source Demonstrates the Espresso Book Machine® Channel at BEA:

See the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) in action at the Lightning Source Booth (#4069) at BookExpo America, May 29-31 in New York City. The EBM is a print on demand device that's small enough to fit in a bookstore or a library. In a matter of minutes it prints, collates, covers, and binds a single book that is indistinguishable from the thousands of other titles on a shop's shelves. The EBM channel has been fully integrated into the Lightning Source print on demand model, enabling consumers to immediately access and purchase - at point of sale - the extensive range of titles available in our library.

The EBM channel will eliminate the frustration a consumer experiences when they walk into a bookstore or library and do not find a physical book in stock. Additionally, EBM enables publishers to enter or expand into international markets cheaply by printing and shipping closer to the consumer.

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Thanks for the article link regarding Blackwells. Interesting reading.


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