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I am a documentary filmmaker now specializing in Book Trailers and will be in NY in the beginning of May. If you are interested in working together to produce a book trailer for your book, please contact me at with a brief description of your book and I will provide you with a quote and some different ideas to create a great marketing tool for your book. (One client has over 12,000 hits already!) You can see some of my work at

In today's publishing marketplace, a writer has to be his own best publicist. Nothing grabs someone surfing the web more than a video. David Blumenfeld's author videos capture the attention of readers, tell the story behind a book, and give a glimpse of the real places featured in it. When they saw my videos, my publishers around the world realized they had to work just as hard to promote my books. Journalists took me more seriously when deciding to interview me. And most of all readers have been able to connect with me through a powerful source. I recommend David's author video work highly.

Matt Beynon Rees, Author

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Yeah. Those things don't work unless you get your publisher to run them as ads on national television.
One client has had 22,000 hits -- and lots of press that love it--
And the number of sales?


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