So, I had a couple of weeks off from writing episodes for the show but yesterday I started back outlining, planning mysteries and writing again and last night, apparently, I woke my partner up and told her I had been poisoned...(yes, I was still asleep, but convinced I had been "given the poison"). Now, I'm still fairly new to writing mysteries on a schedule but my question is - is this normal? I've only been writing on a "deadline"/schedule for about 6 months. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Never happened to me. You must lead a more exciting life.

But your partner was trying to poison you. It was not a dream. :O

Or I might just be trying to be evil today.

Or maybe this is the dream!

But seriously, I once dreamt an entire short crime story, beginning, middle, end, supporting cast, back-stories, the whole megillah. I wrote it all down all I could remember the next day in a flurry of activity, and then fashioned that into a short story. Don't know what magazine would like it, it's set in the near future, so mystery mags will say it's too sci-fi, but sci-fi folks say it's too much of a mystery.
That's interesting. I hate that one would genre would preclude the other, especially as a short story. Maybe send it out without a genre label?
Since it is only the near future, maybe you could just wait a few weeks and re-write in past tense. %^)
It was set about 30 years in the future. So it'll be a bit of a wait. ;)
I'm a journo and work to tight deadlines daily.

Sadly, there is no one in my bed to tell me if I convince myself of strange things in my sleep - but I can tell you that, yes, I do randomly dream about the stories I write during the day.

But only on days when the work was really hard and I was under stress. So perhaps you're under stress.

Either that or D.R. MacMaster is right and your partner is trying to kill you. In which case, let me know if you have evidence and I'll write it up for the paper!
LOL ;) OK here's the plan...I'll set up a night vision video ... I told my mom about the sleep disturbances and apparently I was quite the sleep walker as a small child so who knows, she just told me to make sure the doors were locked when we go to sleep. I think the last thing we want is to get written up in a paper...yikes. (Talk about inviting the public into your bedroom! hahahhahahaha)


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