Anybody got any thoughts on Smashwords? It's basically self-publishing moved online, BUT...they have quite a few traditionally-published authors selling their books (in eBook form, of course) for very cheap. Smashwords takes a modest cut (15%), and the author gets the rest. Oh, and by the way, the author sets his own price.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had any experience with them, or if they have any opinion at all on the concept. It seems like a new idea, and one that could have legs.

What do you think?

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Smashwords just made a deal to have their works load onto Kindle. And they've bought out a ebook publisher from Australia (?) recently.

Sounds to me like a very viable option to consider.
Right you are, BR. And they're also downloadable to Sony, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, and presumably Nook. Also to any non-outboard reader for your home computer, such as the B&N reader.
Yes, I also read about them someplace. You get a much bigger cut than from Kindle (which takes 35 %, I think.
I blogged about Smashwords a few days ago.

Smashwords and Kindle
Aha. That was probably it. Thanks, Anne.
Mike, both of my novels are available for download on the site. My publisher thought it was another way to expand exposure. There is a program I'm involved in called OPERATION EBOOK DROP. Smashwords provides free ebook downloads to the troops serving overseas.

Interesting piece on the Smashwords and Kindle comparison. It would appear that Kindle can't hold a candle. (note the alliteration)

How long have you been up on Smashwords, and how do you generally feel about it?
I've been with Smashwords for months and continue to be impressed. It's a great secondary marketing venue for published authors who have digital rights. Since Smashwords is negotiating sales opportunities with a variety of online booksellers, my previously out of print work is now alive and kicking in digital form, on and soon others.

I had already arranged to be with and; otherwise, Smashwords would have given my work these options as well. I, too, have been blogging about my exploits in electronic publishing for months.

BTW, Smashwords has terrific client service and excellent instructions. Highly recommend it.
"A great secondary marketing venue" is the impression I'm getting about Smashwords. Do you think this might be the future of digital publishing? It seems like it'll certainly be part of it.

Given the chance to get one's backlist 'live' again is just one positive effect and working with Smashwords makes it so easy, it's a no brainer. The whole future, maybe not, but a large part of it, yeah, big time.
Smashwords is very good. They have a great intake engine, a simple and useful interface, they process your books into all the right formats, and they don't take a big cut. In addition, you can coupon your books, control how much is available for sampling, etc.

I also participate in the Operation eBook initiative, which is being done through Smashwords. It's aimed at providing eBooks to soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only is it a good thing to support, but the word of mouth has been very good.
Thanks for the comment, Andrew. In addition to this forum, I've investigated it around the internet and it seems that most people agree that it's a good deal.


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