Anybody got any thoughts on Smashwords? It's basically self-publishing moved online, BUT...they have quite a few traditionally-published authors selling their books (in eBook form, of course) for very cheap. Smashwords takes a modest cut (15%), and the author gets the rest. Oh, and by the way, the author sets his own price.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had any experience with them, or if they have any opinion at all on the concept. It seems like a new idea, and one that could have legs.

What do you think?

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I've put eight of my short stories up in a collection called 'Tough Guys: The homicide cases of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales' on Smashwords last night. Artwork I'm still working on for the cover--and for me, formatting it exactly the way they want it is being a little difficult (I'm only a quatro-geek)--but so far the results are interesting.
I'm about to try my hand at designing a cover. Let me know how yours goes. I normally leave all web site design to my webmaster, but I thought maybe I could do this.


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