So What Do You Guys Have Going on in Writing Right Now?

Just curious on what everyone is doing. Anyone got any new deals to report? Anyone got work out on sub for agents or publishers? Anyone just got an agent or publisher? Anyone on lock down writing on that next blockbuster crime novel? Anyone editing and revising?

My next release comes out 2011. That's book one in the series. Book two comes out 2012, yaaa! Right now I just started yet another book in the series and beyond that I'm just relaxing. I'm supposed to be on break but my muse struck and so I had to write, LOL!  I've also been doing a lot of promotion lately.

What's going on in your writing lives? I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we mention what's going on with our work and all.

I hope all is going well!

Best Wishes!

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This is wonderful, guys! Keep up the good work! Wow!
My debut novel comes out tomorrow. Crime suspense. Here's a link to it on Amazon:

I'm pretty excited.
Just got an offer of literary representation for a thriller I coauthored and self-pubbed for the Amazon Kindle. This'll be my third agent, and yet I'm still waiting for a major house to bite.

Meanwhile, I'm at work on the WIP, my first historical thriller, and my goal is to finish it by May 25th when my wife is due to give birth to twins. I plan to be a stay at home, write at home, dad, knock on wood, but my next book will probably take five years to finish!
Offers are good. Congrats! You are doing a lot of things right. It will pay off.
Thanks, I.J. I'll wear down their resistance eventually. :)
I returned the corrected galleys for VIPER last week and it is at the proofreader now. Should be out around New Years, Sophia Institute Press tells me. Meanwhile, I'm gathering material for the third entry in the series. I attended 'Magna Cum Murder' in Muncie, IN this past weekend to network with writers and share on a couple panels. What a pleasant, intimate venue. Very nice Fall weather and colors in central Indiana. I was encouraged there to try my hand at some short stories. -- I'll be at 'Murder and Mayhem in Muskego (WI)' later this month, a one-day affair.
Also done with proofs for my second Inspector Darko Dawson novel - a mystery series set in Ghana, West Africa. Need to start on the 3rd. My other career (M.D.) tends to get in the way!
"Ambitious, but rubbish" ...some guy on the tele I was only half listening to.

I have had a breakthrough! I came up with a mystery! No- it's not terribly original, but they say no idea really is anymore, it's how you work it that makes or breaks a story. I a crime, and characters, and a reason for the characters to be interested in sorting out what happened and everything!


Oh shut up! I bet you were stupidly excited about your baby project too.

I have an ethical (no. not ethical. um. interpretive? gah. that thing where you look at an element in your story and you worry someone is going to be offended/feel-that-you're-making-light-of-something-you-ought-not-to...) concern, but I suppose you have to write what you know; you can't please everyone.

Wish me quiet time! (provided I don't get distracted catching up on all the wonderful authors here whose work I'm not yet acquainted with... Which is more likely...)
Working on a new novella for Kindle and hoping to write 4 more in 2011 (novellas)
All feature the same character: A cop who encounters people with paranormal troubles
a third of a way into a noir novella (got a publisher in mind just need to get it finished), polishing up a couple of shorts to send out and one i need to finish.

got two stories out in December that I'm looking forward to seeing in print.


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