For the writers, what are you currently working on?  And how's it going?

I'm waiting for edits back on my latest Grace deHaviland novel and half way through writing my second Nick Lafferty thriller.

And for the readers here--what are you reading?

I'm in the middle of Allison Brennan's CUTTING EDGE. Its good.

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I'm working on Akitada # 12: THE OLD MEN OF OMI.  About 1/4 of the way.



I've watched the first season or two of the show but never read any of the Dexter books. Do you recommend them, I.J.?

Oh, yes.  Funny thing about that. I think he died. Dexter killed off Morse rather famously. I only own that last book.  When I was at the library today, I saw that they have got rid of all of his books. This happens a lot to older authors and is a pity, since the new stuff rarely comes up to that level. I ordered one of the novels from Amazon. 

You sure like Morse. Did you know Colin Dexter has a cameo role in every single episode of Morse and Lewis?

I'd heard something about it. Wouldn't mind seeing the old shows again.  I'm not fond of the follow-ups.

I'm working on the fourth Penns River novel, currently living under the clever title of PR4.

I recently finished reading Adrian McKinty's IN THE MORNING I'LL BE GONE. Brilliant.

Creative WIP title, Dana. LOL.  Good luck with the novel.

Will have to try another McKinty. I have one of them.

I'm working on a brand-new stand-alone psychological suspense set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where I lived for 30 years, and I'm having a blast. Seriously, I have not been this happy writing for many, many years. Agents loves the project, and so far my beta reader does too, so I'm pumped!

Recent reads:

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn (LOVED it), and her two others. They're good too, but I read her novels in reverse order, and GONE GIRL is definitely the best.

GONE GIRL is on my TBR pile.

Tried GONE GIRL and couldn't get into it.  Not my type of book. Subjective judgment.

Uh, that's supposed to be "agent" singular. How many does a writer need? ;)


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