For the writers, what are you currently working on?  And how's it going?

I'm waiting for edits back on my latest Grace deHaviland novel and half way through writing my second Nick Lafferty thriller.

And for the readers here--what are you reading?

I'm in the middle of Allison Brennan's CUTTING EDGE. Its good.

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Three quarters of the way finished with the first draft of my WIP - Killings at Dusty Creek.  Hopefully, the first of a series featuring Sheriff Logan Brandt.  (Current day Sheriff)

Reading:  John Connelly's The Wrath of Angels.

I'm waiting for the edits to come back on a sci-fi novella called EDEN. In the meantime, I'm working on the first draft of sequel to my first novel called THE BUTCHER'S BILL, military mystery thriller.

Reading: Just finished James Rollins' The Devil Colony, and started Clive Clussler's Corsair. Also read Rick Atkinson's The Guns at Last Light.

For writing - finishing the edits on my second novel - Stress Fractures - which will be out from Barking Rain Press in July.  BRP will also release a second edition of my first novel - Lead Poisoning - in May.  All done with the edits on that one.  In the meantime, also working on the third - Frostbite - and sending out queries on another one.  And just sent a short story to an anthology.

For reading - I'm halfway through "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan.  I loved the Percy Jackson books. 

From Lee Lamothe: The Glass Pieces, the sequel to The Finger's Twist, the Charlie Tate/Elodie Gray novel, is on Kindle and Kobo. Ran into a bit of a roadblock on Apple, but I'm serene and working through it. The price is $2.99. No discounts, no giveaways. The price of a foamy coffee: $2.99. Cheap like borscht. If you can't afford three bucks, well ... shame on you, you should probably get a part-time job. A couple more books to follow this year. A difficult time navigating this e-business, but instructive for an old guy who still chisels on stone. Waiting to see if the publisher of the Ray Tate/Djuna Brown series wants the fourth installment. But again I'm serene to the point of indifference. My mantra is becoming: No Gates, No Keepers. Best, Lee

Just finished the first draft of Killings In Madrigal.  It's the first Logan Brandt novel.  Should be out in June on Amazon under my writer's name.

Wow, sounds like a whole bunch of writing going on here. Good luck with all the WIPs.

I'm 90% done writing the major draft of my second Nick Lafferty thriller. Should have the whole thing buttoned up by the end of April and off to my editor. If I do, that will be 90 days from day one of outlining to complete manuscript. Fingers crossed.

As for reading, I just picked up the first Veronica Mars novel. Right after seeing the movie and being a huge fan of the show. Such a guilty pleasure. So much fun.

Note:  My WIP has undergone a title change.

Reading Donald Westlake's Richard Stark(Parker) series, finally. Writing a literary novel set in Williamsburg, Va., in the '60s. Halfway through.

I've been meaning to check out Westlake's PARKER books but haven't gotten around to them yet.

Book 5 of the Angela Masters Detective Novel series, Fire Storm, is out in paperback.  I'll release it on Kindle later this month.  The virtual release party is April 29th.

Good luck with your release, Mike. I'm revising my second mystery, Paradox, and Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine just published one of my shorts, "In the Company of Forever."

I'm "working" on plotting my next tango mystery.  Thinking of electrocuting one of the DJs.  Is this not the most fun you can possibly have?  Just finished Rebecca Eaton's memoir.  Have a whole stack of mysteries to start!


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