to get my books in the Crimespace bookstore?  Would that be you, Daniel?

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So you don't all offer me sexual favours or hassle me with death threats, I've sent round a broadcast message with info on how to get into the bookstore. Look for it in an email client soon!
I guess that's funny if you don't really operate that way.
Did you think this through...? I can see heading off the death threats, but...
Not wanting to deal with sexual favors, at least online, I'll only ask a simple question -- the only kind I have -- in your broadcast email on the subject of getting books on the bookstore all one needs is "name, book title, and ASIN number" -- dumb me, but what the hell is the ASIN number? Something to do with A secret password that only bald men have? Something on the back of a box of Wheaties? help!
From the message I sent:

"The ASIN number will sometimes be included in the Product Details of your book's Amazon listing, or it may just be the ISBN-10 number in the same section. Basically, it's the group of ten numbers and/or letters in the book's URL."

In other words, go to your book listing at Amazon, look in Product Details, or just look at the web address of the listing and find the 10 number/letters there.

Which means you need a book on
I do, but mine is "weird"; its a Kindle book.
Nothing wrong with Kindle books.
I know this is also "weird" but I still suspect it's because I'm a lefty.
Damn--I'm a lefty as well. What's wrong with weird?
It depends on the nature of the strangeness. My 3rd grade friends - back when I was in 3rd grade [my son has passed that point years ago] used to tell me: "We like you but youre weird". ...What do you expect, they were at lunch with a budding philosopheress and novelist.
Also a lefty, and also definitely weird.
Will it still run at a loss if enough people buy books? I'd hate to put Daniel in a damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don't situation where running the store is too much of a financial burden, yet he faces the unholy wrath of people who dream up creative ways to maim people should the store close.


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