Saw this article today:

"There are a number of books on Amazon with similar titles to much more popular ones. Fifty Shades of Grey, the steamy romance novel that has created buzz around the world, is the No. 1 selling book on Amazon. Also available on Amazon: Thirty-Five Shades of Grey. Both books are written by authors with two first initials – E. L. James and J. D. Lyte... Karen Peebles, who is the author of I am the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, says she has self-published around 10,000 books though CreateSpace, not all of which are in her own name. "I am a single mother who home schools her children," says Peebles, who says she sells "thousands and thousands" of books a month. "Self-publishing is a great way for me to make income. I receive a pretty nice royalty every month."


Sounds good. I'm working on "Game of Hunger," and "The Throne Games," right now ;).


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Arrgh!  Book buyers must be incredibly stupid.

That makes my blood boil, actually. It's people battening on the creativity of others and treating books as just another product, like Cornflakes or sneakers.

This certainly isn't new or exclusive to books. But it's still lame.


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