Here are a few insights about writing from Editor Victoria Mixon I thought you guys might like.

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I can't say I subscribe to that.  First of all, regardless of her claim of having been a writer first, she is now a publisher and editor. Very different world view.

Secondly, not everyone has hidden miraculous gifts that an editor can bring forth.

Thirdly, some people are much better line-editors than others, and some need very little line editing (I'm not talking about myself here).


And, skipping over some stuff, urging patience has a lot to do with the way publishers work. For the writer the most aggravating aspect of the publishing experience is the waiting.  You wait to hear from your agent who has been shopping your ms. (years can pass!); then you wait for the contract; then you wait to tell the world (never until the co-signed contract is back in your hands and that can take a couple of months!); then you wait for editorial input, and for the rest of the steps till release.  And after that, you wait for checks. Patience is something publishers want you to have.  It adds nothing to the art and craft of writing except discouragement.

One secret of an indie-editor: posts like this one to drum up business. :)

The only point I would endorse completely is number two: "Writing fiction isn’t expressing yourself, it’s creating an experience for your reader." It reminds me of the theatrical saying, "There's no such thing as an unemployed audience."


I like that theater line a lot.
Whoo! I especially like #5. No kidding. Thanks. Even as an editor myself, I know...I know...


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