Someone mentioned Thomas & Mercer to me the other day. After Googling, I'm still not sure exactly what it is or what to think about it. Anyone submitted to them and have experience to share?

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It's Amazon's mystery/thriller imprint. I submitted through my agent, and signed a multi-book deal with them last year. The first title, CROSSCUT, was released June 5.

How have your sales been, Jude? What does your agent think about them, as a publisher?

I think they're great. The contracts are fair, and they value authors' opinions. Cover art, editing, promo, all first-rate. The overwhelming majority of sales have come from ebooks, but that's the future of publishing anyway. Unless you're a NYT bestseller, you're not going to sell many paper books in bookstores.

I'd say #749 paid overall is pretty damn incredible, Jude. Congrats!

Thanks. It got up to #42 the other day when it was part of a Kindle Daily Deal promo.

Congratulations, Jude!


I'll chime in on this, Jude. Congratulations and best wishes!


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