Susan continues her investigation (and in my opinion makes a nusiance of herself with the kitchen staff); seems she folows a lot of extraneous info. She finally puts all the pieces together and solves the murder - either the book doesn't explain how she reached her conclusion or I missed it. Also, It was a little difficult to tell if she figured it out before the police did.

That is one major criticism I had of this book - much of the action is described after it took place. Murderer is arrested at Susan's party and no mention is made of it till its over?

This book goes in the category of "not one of my faves".

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Finished.  I didn't expect it to be the perp mentioned but then they did have ample motive.

Jamie's dessert was quite the creation.  Would have made great cover art for this book.  Would like to have seen it in real time.

Clue was like a nasty kid.  lol  Typical pet with run of the clan.

I was surprised by the perp as well, though I have to admit that it was logical and there were clues to point to it.  She also seemed to do everything without the help of a friend in the police, which we see in a lot of this sort of book.  

I said it before, but I was frustrated by the extraneous detail of the parties, what Susan wore, when she walked the dog and all that.

So true, pghfan.  Removing much of the deets would bring this book's page count down drastically.  Sad for the story did have potential.



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