So Sorry PIS...finished the book and put it aside then with all the drama surrounding the snow and ice, forgot about it! Anyway, continuing...

Susan is at a loss to understand why she is being exc;luded from the official murder investigation but that doesn't stop her from conducting her own private one. She finds herself invited to the mayor's holiday party but is disappointed to later find out why. Nevertheless, she ascertains a connection between the mayor's daughter and Z, is that a motive for murder? Time will tell. Back at the carriage house, Who was driving the white Range Rover and sneaking around the employees locker room? Next morning there are reports of possible food poisoning having taken place at the mayor's party catered by The Holly and Ms. Ivy. Coincidence? Sabotage? Susan then crashes the hospital Holiday Ball where several guests again become violently ill ...but not before she hears two of the female guests discussing Z- apparently he was quite a womanizer. Was there something in one of his affairs that caused someone to murder him? Another guest  goes into cardiac arrest and subsequently dies...except he too is murdered. Connection?

Susan continues her investigation but at this point has more questions than answers.


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No problem, Snoops.  I'm a bit behind as well.

I was looking for this and couldn't find it!

I don't remember exactly where I am but I think around chapter 12.  Susan seems busy though thwarted by not getting the help from the police that she apparently usually gets.  Presumably because everyone thinks she had an affair with Z.  I was cogitating about the food poisoning business, because real food poisoning (as in bacteria) don't show themselves for many hours after eating and certainly would not kill their victims so quickly.  So perhaps real poison.

While I intend to finish the book, I'm afraid I getting a bit tired with the business about how often Clue needs a walk and what Susan and everyone else is wearing.  Clearly written more for a woman's interest than for mine.

pgh = this is one woman who didn't find that interesting at all! In fact, I felt it rather distracted from the story.

Okay, made it to this set of chapters.  Story wouldn't be bad if not for fact it's weighed down with (IMHO) unnecessary details.  Like the overly described outfits of the two glamour gals who pushed past to get up to Z's place w/o real permission.  Wonder if he had photos or something humiliating. 

Finished the book last night and I await the rest of the discussion.  No spoilers, but I'm afraid there is more of the same extraneous party information throughout the rest of the chapters.  

I did like the details of the catered dinner Susan attended.  That aspect of the story did appeal to me.  But then I do like that sort of thing.  The beverage serving was interesting.


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