Having a title problem -- a discussion with my publisher, and they suggested I go to you guys.  What does anyone think about using the word "Patpong" in the title of the fourth novel in my Bangkok series.  Yes?  No?  Makes no difference? 

And if the answer is "yes," which title is better:  "The Patpong Girl" or "Queen of Patpong"?  And, yes, the character referred to in the title does become the "queen" of Patpong.

Please let me know what you think,

Tim Hallinan

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I like "The Queen of Patpong," because I'm not crazy about the word "girl" in a title.
I'm with you about the word "girl."

We seem to be trending toward QUEEN OF PATPONG. My title had nothing to do with Patpong, although the story has everything to do with it, but what do I know?
/me gives John McF four gold stars
Yeah, I like Queen of Patpong better as well.

As far as using "Patpong" at all, I don't see how you could not use it. It's an entertainment district, right? There would be no elegant way to describe it any other way in the short space of a title.
I'm a snob, and it just seems so on-the-nose. The book is full of Shakespeare, too, and being a snob I almost tried to get away with a Shakespearean title.

Looks like QUEEN OF PATPONG is it.
Patpong Girl is better rhythmically, but I say that as a poet who can't help noticing these things. Nobody else would care.
I was never a poet but I was a songwriter, and rhythm means a lot to me, too. But I have a problem with the word "girl" in the title, and anyway the story is partly how the woman we know from the earlier books became the "queen" of Patpong after growing up an excruciatingly shy village girl.
Well, yeah. You don't want to seem to be imitating the "girl" guy. Queen of Patpong it is.
I like "The Patpong Girl" for the rhythm and sound. Patpong belongs in the title, for sure.
Thanks, Jack, and thanks everyone. I think we've got the title. You guys are really helpful.
Absolutely yes on Patpong. Readers of books with exotic locales need that sort of title. It thrills the tastebuds of their imagination.

As for girl or queen: I was leaning toward "girl" (given eastern male attitudes), but I can see "queen" as being more appropriate to the content.
Thanks, IJ, and it's funny you responded today, because just last night I finished THE CONVICT'S SWORD, and it's absolutely terrific. And it really does look like THE QUEEN OF PATPONG will be the title.

Still kind of makes me wince, but I really am a snob.


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