I'm currently enjoying both Longmire based on the Craig Johnson series and the new King & Maxwell based on David Baldacci's series of books.

I've not read either series. Can anyone tell me if they have, are they similar to the TV series and if not better or worse and why?


David DeLee

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Not based on a book (so far as I can tell ) but on a British mini-series from 2006 I caught the first episode of LOW WINTER SUN (American version) the other night on AMC and really enjoyed it. Dark and very intriguing. Really tense. Next episode is on Sunday, I'm sure AMC is doing encore presentations..Here's a link:


I stopped watching "Endeavour" after a couple of episodes. The actor they cast simply doesn't fit the part nearly as well as did John Thaw in the original series. The stories never caught fire for me. I also like "Lewis" better because I know people like both he and Hathaway.

well I love the new Sherlock series with episodes modern takes on the books. Also loved the Rebus tv series and books. Wire in the Blood based on the Tony Hill books by Val McDermid. And just as an aside I LOVE Whitechapel. Not based on any books as such, but based on research of crimes committed in the area in times past starting with a re-visiting of Jack the Ripper. I adore the relationship between the two main characters. I have always loved watching crime shows and esp British ones. 

So I guess this fits, in a sort of police procedural way, but I'm really digging the new SLEEPY HOLLOW TV show.

I think its fun, inventive and witty. Reminds me of Buffy and Angel, with a deep back story slowly being revealed. If you haven't tried it, I think you might like it.

Maybe we're lucky in the UK, but we get subtitled episodes of Inspector Montalbano (from Andrea Camilleri's wonderful novels). Very true to the books and a real treat.  A word of warning, though, if you ever happen across The Mrs Bradley Mysteries (starring the always excellent Dame Diana Rigg), they bear no relation to Gladys Mitchell's books.  Though Neil Dudgeon (who plays her chauffeur/sidekick) also plays John Barnaby in later episodes of Midsomer Murders

I'd add that the Inspector Wexford novels by Ruth Rendell (starring George Baker) are well worth tracking down, as are the brilliant adaptations of PD James's Dalgliesh series with Roy Marsden.

I have enjoyed both the books and the TV series.  I am currently enchanted with the Miss Fisher Murder series, which is broadcast on Alibi.  Have you seen any episodes yet?

I haven't seen a British mystery for ages here. I wonder what is wrong. Can't get Fisher, Can't get Montalbano, can't get Wexford.  Did once get Henning Mankell's and Michael Dibdin's TV versions. The Dibdin shows were superb, a good deal better than the books, I thought, but there were only 3 of them. Mankell was great in print and in film. Dalgleish I don't like in any format. Boring man. Don't warm up to Midsomer either. And I dislike that WWI British Intelligence show with the policeman protagonist. (Don't recall the  name). That is mainly depressing and seems to have some very oldfashioned plotting.  Hmm.  On second thought, it may be WW II. It's black and white.  Need I say more?

Netflix just added Inspector Morse. It doesn't get much better than that.

Yes. I've seen them.

For anyone interested, I understand that Gabriel Byrne has signed up to portray Quirke in a BBC adaptation of Benjamin Black(pseudonym of Booker Prize winner John Banville)'s 1950s/60s set Dublin crime stories.  Great casting in my opinion - can't wait.

And it may be a good show, but Black/Banville underwhelms.  The Brits are bound to have stronger crime novelists.


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