I'm trying to catch up on my recorded TV programs. I've seen one episode of Wallander and I'm looking forward to watching more. What do you all think? Does it bother you that the series is set in Sweden but everyone seems to be speaking with an English accent?

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I think it depends a lot on the actor. Roy Marsden, who played Adam Dalgliesh in the PBS dramatization of P.D. James' novels, seemed to communicate so much with the slightest look or gesture. The guy who took over the role recently is, I think, just abysmal. But maybe I got attached to Marsden, and of course, I did read the books before watching the program, so maybe I.J. is right.
The new guy is Martin Shaw, and I agree that he isn't suited to Dalgliesh. I think that once you see one actor in a role, it's difficult to accept a second one. Can you imagine anyone as Inspector Morse except John Thaw? Martin Shaw was VERY good in Judge John Deed, which ran for six years.
I never liked Dalgliesh -- in the novels. The guy who used to play him (Marsden) was a bit of an improvement.
Morse was wonderful both in the novels and played by John Thaw.
Now, see, I could totally see him (Shaw) pulling off a judicial character. Dalgliesh, not so much.
I like the series. Didn't know it was Sweden at first. I thought it was rural coastal Great Britain.
I like Wallander. I consider British accents almost necessary for anyone but Americans in foreign pieces.

I have to admit that knowing nothing of the series before I caught it in the middle of the first episode that I was surprised somewhere along the line to learn that it was Sweden.

And speaking of Sweden, I'm about 1/3 of the way through "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," by Stieg Larsson. It is written in a style and sense that seems unusual for me. If it were not for the title, it would "feel" like a cozy. But, of course, I haven't come to the end yet.


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