We've been stagnating a bit here, so I was very happy to meet at least two guys who like to discuss.  Sometimes it seems most of our traffic relates to people wanting to sell their books.


As for non-writers here:  We have a nice section where we/they report on recent reading and sometimes discuss/recommend books we found interesting.  Besides, of course, they should certainly post on anything relating to mysteries that strikes their fancy.


So, welcome and let's hear more from you.

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Oh, excellent.  Reminiscent of American writers in Paris back in the thirties and forties.

I've read Burdett and Moore (plus Hallinan).  Will keep the rest (and you) in mind.

Thanks for the interest in our little scene,


I like to think of it as more of the fifties in Paris. Olympia Press: Miller, Trocchi, Burroughs, Donleavy et al.




It's like turning up at a party where you don't know anyone. You lurk around the edges for a bit and listen to other peoples' conversations. Eventually you make a comment and wait to see how people will take it. Finally, you have a drink and start up a conversation.

I've been at the "lurking and making an occasional comment" stage since I joined a few months back... guess I need to go to the bar!


I'll have a double JD while you are there, Debbie.



Go for it, Debbie.

Welcome Deb.

Hello everyone!

Hello, Ku.  I see you're also writing Japan.  :)


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