I've had some problems working on my current novel.  Instead, I've been working on shorter pieces.  My last two short stories are "Retired Hitman Seeking Part-Time Work" and a shorter piece called "The Space Needle Cha Cha".

What are you working on?

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I haven't really been driven to write anything lately. I'm working on sporadically trying to submit my existing work to various publications. Every now and then I'll work on polishing a short story or the novel I am trying to get representation for.

I'm half done with what I think is a Gothic historical thriller. It's set in the mansion of a wealthy hoarder. Ninety-nine percent of the action happens in one night.

Sounds interesting.

I'm writing a novel set in my home town of Montreal in 1970. I was eleven years old at the time so I'm really enjoying the research and getting a new persepective. That year had something we called "The October Crisis" in Montreal when two politicians were kidnapped and one of them was killed and the army was called in. Kind of the end of 60s radicalism, I guess (although students are still marching in the streets of Montreal ;).

My novel is a murder mystery that unfolds in the months leading up to the October Crisis. It's a new challenge for me, none of my books up until now have been mysteries, they've been crime novels that have murders in them.


Oh, it's nice to get a feel for what other members are up to.  Very good idea, Brian.

As most of you know I write novels and short stories set in historical Japan.  At the moment I'm working on two books:  one is the new Akitada novel (# 10 of the mystery series).  It's about 1/4 done.  The other is a revision of THE HOLLOW REED trilogy, trimming the three books down to two.  Meanwhile the old version is up on Kindle, but when the books return to me (from my agent and from a one-year exclusive with Amazon), I intend to take them down and upload the new version.  I've never really liked the old one very much.

I'm taking the summer off from writing anything long, but I have a short essay in progress for an anthology my old writers group is assembling, and I'm about to start a short story for a collection I've been asked to participate in. New novel begins after Labor Day. Subject is still up in the air.

I'm polishing the second in my mystery-thriller series, this one is Wormwood. The prophet of a polygamist community is crucified, and my crime reporter Hannah Monakee works with--and without--the police to track down the killer. Halfway through reading with my local critique group, and three-quarters through reading with my conference call group. Hope to have it ready by fall.

Sounds interesting.  

I'm back on a shortened version of my novel.  But this is only the second day.

Good luck with it Brian.

I've spent the last few days formatting and uploading my short story BLING, BLING to Amazon. I've decided to give their Select program a whirl. It is now available for sale and for free to prime members. Also, I'm finishing up efforts (I hope) of formatting my latest novel CRYSTAL WHITE for print.

As for writing, I'm about a third of the way through a first draft of a short urban fantasy novel (60-70k) under my pen name David Miller. Will be back on it full time next week.

Happy writing all,

David DeLee

Author of Crystal White

Third Day.  Still writing.  I have about 8000 words with a target of 70k.  The book is called The First Type of Homicide.

Funny you should ask... I'm working on my second novel while waiting to hear back from queries on the first. Having something of a time with it right now, experiencing dark nights of the soul, etc. Would love to hear about the problems you've experienced so that I don't feel like the only writer in the world who finds writing difficult.

The dark nights of the soul happen when you wait in vain to hear frrom agents, when your books don't sell very well, when the publisher doesn't want your next one, when you have an idiot editor who tells you to cut the solution scene, when your agent says she cannot sell your books, and so on and so forth.  In between, you may get wonderful reviews, and fan mail, and maybe an award, and people will ask for interviews, and you forget the dark nights.


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