I've had some problems working on my current novel.  Instead, I've been working on shorter pieces.  My last two short stories are "Retired Hitman Seeking Part-Time Work" and a shorter piece called "The Space Needle Cha Cha".

What are you working on?

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That's encouraging, I think. lol

Oddly enough, the query wait isn't what's bothering me... it's the difficulty I'm having making headway on the second book. It's not coming very easily right now, and so (naturally, to those of you familiar with my endless self-doubt) I'm questioning my writing ability, whether I'm really cut out to be an author, etc.

Feast or famine is a very real thing in this business, but you know about that already, IJ. I've been hitting a lot of good lately after a dry stretch. Now I'm wondering when the drought will hit again.

I feel like I should be starting something but I'm not getting anything. I think I need new readers to take a look at something. That usually ends up getting me back in the groove.

One of the things I do to get inspired is to visit deviantart.com.  Especially good for crime fiction.

I'm working a little on poems right now, and fiddling with my academic comedy--it's very new, and I still don't have a great handle on my main characters. Also cobbling together a proposal for #4 in my mystery series this weekend. Always a fun time. Mostly I'm enjoying the first summer in five years without a book deadline, playing a lot of electric guitar, and hanging out with my kids. Freedom!

I am currently writing a second Maier Mystery, set in Laos. Just finished the opening teaser, a 3000 w intro set in 1976, just after the revolution. At the same time, I am writing notes on plot and characters, slowly building the main protagonists and fleshing out Maier, my German private eye who will come into the picture in the next chapter, set in 2001. This is not a sequel, rather a new case for Maier. The first Maier Mystery was just published by Crime Wave Press as a Kindle eBook on amazon UK and is called The Cambodian Book of the Dead.

I expect this new Maier to be about 6 months work, as I need to juggle the writing with my writing (journalism and non fiction books) day job.

But it sure is fun!

Finishing this Women's Fiction novel I've been working on for the last few months. It has a bunch of everything in it. The main theme is domestic violence and the MC's abusive boyfriend ends up stalking her. He's also a skinhead, there is a murder in the book and my MC finally gets connected with her natural mother which is a big twist in itself. Very happy with the final rewrite and after letting this baby sit for a few years I can say coming back to it with fresh eyes made it much stronger. I originally wrote it in 2009 and I've done about three rewrites so I should be satisfied now. LOL!

I'm publishing this one myself, not going through my pub. Very excited about it.

I have other titles outside of mystery and crime I plan to put out on my own. I'll continue working on my current mystery series later. The third in the series will come out 2013 so I gotta get that to the publisher.

Other than that I'm just chilling.

Sounds interesting.  Make sure we know when it's pubbed so we can buy it.

I'm working on the sequel to my just-published novel, Blues Highway Blues.  The second book in the series, Rock Isalnd Rock, will have BHB's hero, Daniel Erickson, following musical clues to find who killed a rock star...who has been thought dead for the best five years.

Taking the day off from writing to attend my daughter's horse show today. Tomorrow I'll be reviewing the edit suggestions to my newest short story, GRAND JURY which should be available for sale by this weekend.
In the meantime, my short story BLING, BLING is available for free on Amazon.com today only, July 4th.
Everyone, enjoy the day.


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