What crime/mystery/thriller are you looking forward to the most this fall?

Fall is finally here and all the newest thrillers are due up on shelves (or already out)


What's everyone looking forward to the most?


I'm wondering if Tom Clancy's Dead Or Alive will live up to the hype. Although...come to think of it...there hasn't BEEN any hype about it as yet. or is it a titch too early for the publsihers to be pushing it? It comes out mid-December and we're approaching November now.


Anyway, I was curious.

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Last week I picked up Elmore Leonard's Djibouti.
None of them. I'm really burned out on what passes for entertainment reading these days. It may be that a few foreign authors will surprise me, but on the whole I toss 5 books for every one I read. And I don't think that will get any better.
Well, maybe Michael Connelly or Chercover.
The anticipation is over before it started, because I didn't expect Worth Dying For, Lee Child's new Reacher novel, so soon after 61 Hours. I enjoyed it!
I will take a Reacher novel, but it's not top of the list. Glad this one is a good one.
Thanks for the tip, Albert.
Full disclosure: some of the reviews have been less than enthusiastic.
So far, I like 61 HOURS better. But I'm reserving my judgement.

That said, I found the EW review to which you might be referring to be rather braindead. The thing's filled with suspense--it's a cliffhanger-to-cliffhanger read. And the idea that Child phoned it in, just because of the publication schedule, is misinformed--Child has been an entire book ahead of deadlines since he first started writing novels.
Well, I also thought 61 Hours extremely well paced. Child is rarely boring. The problem rather is with the plots. The new one sounds a bit like a repeat of any number of prior situations. And it's winter again.
If anything, the biting cold Lee describes is enough to make you appreciate warm climates. The ticking clock added tension, and I always enjoy Lee Child's writing, but there are some I've liked better. Still, he does create page turners.
I'm looking forward to Louise Penny's BURY YOUR DEAD, but I have to catch up on the rest of the series first before I read it. I've just started THE CRUELEST MONTH.
I'm looking forward to Nine Days by Minerva Koenig.


Seriously, I'm curious about Djibouti. Anybody finished it?



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