My opinion is that Lizbeth Salender, the girl with the dragon tattoo who played with fire and kicked the hornet's nest, is THE most intriguing characters if crime fiction since Hannibal Lechter, and the the very short series by Steig Larsson one of the best crime series ever.

I tend to get hyperbolic about things that I like, so I would like to hear others' opinions.

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I suppose I must have, but I don't recall enough to critique it. I liked ANNA KARENINA. What is most vivid in my memory is a novella: "The Death of Ivan Ilych," maybe because I took the trouble to read this with attention in order to teach it. The effort was enormously rewarding.
Tolstoy is very good indeed.
He inordinately has the ability to write in a female voice, that's for sure. He is also very descriptive etc. He is the epitome of a literary fiction writer, long winded, slow moving plots, in-depth scene and character development and so on. Boring stuff for the non literary types like myself. I like what I read to be snappy and economical.
I like snappy and economical too. This might be why I've had trouble getting through it, but as I said earlier today. I might actually give it another try.


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