Many people in the United States are outraged about recent attacks on women in other countries. I am, too. For example: Child bride kills groom, 3 others. On April 11, 2014, a 14-year-old girl in Nigeria, killed her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends by putting rat poison in their rice. The man was 24 years older than she was. She told police she did this because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. The girl has been charged with culpable homicide.

But as I point out in my blog post Why Hate Women ... women are raped, abused, murdered and treated like sex objects in America, too.

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Can't argue that, Muslim societies have very harsh laws. However these are suppressing not only woman's, may people that disobey these laws face death sentence, including rapeists. But that is the law.

Am sure all victims of rape would argue that point.  Also the Quran does not require total coverage of a woman.  My Muslim mate told me only truly beautiful women should do this.  Eve was made to serve with Adam not to serve Adam.  Muslim men have not been raised to follow their urges.  It is a sign of respect in regard to the Quran.  But my mate says it is considerably "overused."  Domestic violence that ends in murder does not pale into significance. Murder is murder is murder.

why should "truly beautiful women" do this? To prove they're not sluts?

And Quran may not require total coverage of women, but women all over the world ... and I see them here in the US on the sidewalks, subways in supermarkets, cover their hair and every inch of their skin. Why? Because this is what they have been taught to do and accept it.

Many Muslim men do not allow their women out of the house without a male minder. I know this for a fact. I live in a Boston suburb, next door to a Muslim family.

It is all about controlling women.

Please do go on. I am keen to know your motivation.  Although having lectured in Algeria I am fully aware that sometimes cultural differences often lead to misunderstanding.  That is why I use local translators for my kids books.  That way I am not going to offend locals in each culture.

We focus on Muslims because 99 percent of them totally oppress women.

Domestic violence (and murder) is an issue all over the world, including every single Muslim country. It has nothing to do w/religion.

Have been gone for the weekend so couldn't read/reply.

First, I am not sure that some commenters have actually read my blog post. If you haven't, perhaps we could stick to the topic. Here's the link

Second point. Not all men hate women. Many men love and respect and admire women. They do not ... as detailed in my blog ... rape them and lynch them, kidnap female children in order to thwart their education and sell them into prostitution, throw them in jail for (allegedly) renouncing their Muslim faith and beat them for marrying a non-Muslim. 

Third point. In the United States, male athletes in college enjoy privileged status. See: current Heisman Trophy winner accused of rape but case was never investigated. Professional athletes also use physical force to dominate (and sometimes rape) women. See: Baltimore Ravens player's statement after security video shows him dragging his then-fiance (now wife) out of an elevator after he knocked her unconscious; he asked her to "apologize" (which she did). The victim apologizes for her victimization. 

Four.  Talented women performers go onstage looking like prostitutes (see Beyonce's Grammy performance. Her husband wore a tuxedo.) The bottom line is money. Sex sells. Did she have a choice? Or does the objectification of women by the media dictate that female performers must do ever more outlandish things in public to get attention. 

The Boston Globe wrote a laudatory piece last week about the male designer who created Rhianna's latest dress. Totally transparent. Might as well be naked.  

I don't have a solution for the media-objectification of women, but there is growing outrage, and investigations, into sexual misconduct at colleges and in the military. And the preferential treatment pro athletes used to receive is no longer the norm. Here in Massachusetts, Aaron Hernanez is currently awaiting trial for the murders of 3 men.

All true!

I am assuming you know 99% of Muslims for your comment to be true. Let us judge people on their actions not on their words.  For instance serial killers who target women tend to come form the West.  FBI crime data suggests up to 400 active at any 1 time.

Nonsense. Serial killers exist all over the world. As for Muslims, I DO judge them by their actions.

I lived next door to six Muslims for a whole year. An adult female, an adult male, and four children under the age of six. She never left the house without her male minder. She was covered head to toe, every inch of skin. You can call this whatever you want. I call it an abuse of her human rights.

And really, do we want to judge Muslims by their actions? It was not Catholics or Southern Baptists or Jews who flew the planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. 

Sam, I have been to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris many times. Residents of those cities have had to contend with Muslim behavior for many more years than we in the US have. I have walked down a street in Paris, with a male friend, and have had Muslim men undress me with their eyes.

Have you had such an experience? I think not. You belong to the privileged group, males. Must you wear a headscarf and cover every inch of your skin to prove you are not a slut? No. All I ask is that you try to put yourself in the woman's shoes. 

1 family does not equate to ALL Muslims.  And I won't go into 9/11 for many reasons including forensics.  Having visited and lived in 17 different countries I have never experienced the negative side that you take offence at.  I have no intention of speaking for all Muslims, but the demonization of them is akin to the demonization of witches hundreds of years ago. If you fail to see the pattern that is entirely your affair.  Catholicism has given the world murdered children (on going investigation into a children's home in Ireland) and paedophile priests.  At the moment the M.E. mess is over futures, options, gas, oil and trains.  This is already proven elsewhere online so I won't justify it.  You assume I have never had any life experience.  That'll be why I put the attack that almost killed me in 1994 into my crime novel.  That definitely violated my human rights.  You make a lot of assumptions and having lectured at university level must say that your argument has more holes in it than a tea bag.  I am not in any privileged group - but clearly you have a low opinion of men and especially those who disagree with you.  Other cultures have different rules from ourselves but as Iraq has clearly proven - brand democracy - imposed on other cultures does not work. 

My crime novel addresses racism as in some countries people will call you "white dog" or "white pig."  China after all had the Summer Palace destroyed by the French and British. I do not intend to respond to any further comments, so feel free to say what you like in response. That is real life experience talking not what I read in the media.  Paris is indeed nice.   Though I prefer Cairo.  A modernist told me that the Quran does not expect all women to dress  head to toe in black.  He also said it is not necessary. 

So, whereas you paint all Muslims the same - having been to 3 Muslim countries I do not. It would be like saying all Americans are the same. My 5 American mates are very different.

N.B. Egypt varies from Algeria and that varies from the Christian/Muslim country of Turkey.  Sunni and Shiite faiths are different.  An analogy could be the difference between Protestant faith and Catholic.  Let's not pretend the Crusades were about being nice to those of a different faith, nor the Inquisition.  Lately, the comparison between shout "witch" and "terrorist" has become somewhat farcical.  Why did all those American troops die in Iraq? How many WMD were ever found? Not 1.  

And re serial killers all over the world.  A higher percentage are from the West.  That is a fact FBI had on their website many years ago. Obviously as web etc and forensics improve things may change.  I would say the reason the figure may be skewed is due to the detection rate. Nothing to do with whether or not it exists in Somalia or wherever.  Purely and simply down to the science in a specific area.

It's difficult to converse with someone who will not even address the most basic question. There are two genders, male and female. I am a female. I assume you, Sam, are a male. The basic question I posed in this thread references this. Why hate women? 

Yet when I make a statement about what happened to me (Muslim man undressing me with his eyes) you dismiss (or ignore) this and blithely say your experience has been different. Of course it's different. You belong to the dominant group: Males. In Muslim cultures, all females are subordinate to males. Males are dominant, females submissive. 

You told me to judge Muslims by their actions, but you don't want to discuss 9/11. Are you one of the revisionists who believes they had nothing to do with it?

Please don't talk about the Crusades and events that occurred hundreds of years ago. Stick to the 21st century. Muslim women in the US are wearing headscarves and clothing that covers every inch of their skin. Not just the family I lived next door to, they are everywhere.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know Muslims are the only people who strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves and other people up. These suicide bombers (and fliers of planes) have no regard for human life. 

You say: So, whereas you paint all Muslims the same - having been to 3 Muslim countries I do not. It would be like saying all Americans are the same.>>

No, bad comparison. Americans are people born in America or people who have acquired US citizenship. Americans are free to practice any religion they want, or no religion at all if they prefer. Muslims live in countries all over the world and adhere to a specific religion: dictated by male mullahs who interpret the Quran.

 If you visit one of these Muslim countries, Sam, and by some quirk of fate you are captured and held prisoner by those nice Muslims, I assume you won't expect the US government to rescue you, nor will you depend on any of the international laws governing human rights which you appear to hold in such low esteem. 

Ha,Ha. "...what happened to me (Muslim man undressing me with his eyes)..." Thank goodness Christian men would never do that.

This is a joke, right? To jack up interest in our recently slow site. That's got to be it. Please don't tell me it isn't and that instead it has degenerated to the level of AM talk radio. Because that's a deal breaker for me.


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