Many people in the United States are outraged about recent attacks on women in other countries. I am, too. For example: Child bride kills groom, 3 others. On April 11, 2014, a 14-year-old girl in Nigeria, killed her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends by putting rat poison in their rice. The man was 24 years older than she was. She told police she did this because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. The girl has been charged with culpable homicide.

But as I point out in my blog post Why Hate Women ... women are raped, abused, murdered and treated like sex objects in America, too.

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At the moment I'm most disturbed by the murders of women in certain Muslim countries. Many of these murders are legal. In other words, death sentences are carried out on women who are seen as having been disobedient to the teachings of their religion. I accept the fact that this happens mostly in third-world settings but I cannot condone the silence of the rest of the Muslim world on this matter.  In fact, leaving aside some of the darker moments in the Christian church, there is no religion that treats women worse than the Muslim one. Horrible stories about the oppression of women are spread throughout Muslim countries.

I hear you, and I agree. However, this also happens in the United States. There are several examples of Muslim fathers murdering their daughters for dressing or behaving inappropriately

Oh great. Two more women were found raped and lynched in separate attacks in India. Meanwhile, four others were gang-raped by police officers in the police station. And all CNN wants to talk about is Donald Sterling and how much money he might make if someone buys the Clippers.

Yes, it's disgusting. And so is our gun culture.  It's a deeply flawed society.


I do not think that the woman's are generally hated. Feared maybe much more often, than hated. Rape assaults have nothing to do with the woman's personallity, it is in males nature, it is not about the hate.

Ah, but that is unacceptable in a civilized society. For that matter, we don't believe that rape is in the man's nature. It's maybe in a bully's nature.

Well it doesn't matter (is it acceptable or not) what matter is that exist, and that it is (generally) not related to hatred. About the man's nature, woman's don't do rapes, mans do it, so yes it is in man's nature, maybe in bully-mans nature but still...


Let me repeat:  Rape is not acceptable in a civilized society.


Beyond that I believe it has more to do with power and self-image than hatred, though there have been many cases of men raping (and killing) because they felt women had not been nice to them and they needed to be punished. I would call that hatred.


But the culture of killing and demeaning women is third-world and tied to fanatical religious practices. In other words, its uncivilized.

I don't understand why you stick to that? Yes "Rape is not acceptable in a civilized society", i do not argue that, but why is this happening? This is where my point is - generally it is not happening because of hatred.

I don't know what else you would call it besides hatred when men gang-rape young girls and hang them from a tree. What do you call that?

I address this in my novel... And no I won't mention it's name here.  It looks at the lack of hatred.  Sometimes gay men are blamed for women being hated.  What it truly is - a return to primal - feral behaviour.  The logic of a civilised mind such as yourself - erased and pure emotion (destabilized) in full control.  That is where both mob and murder collide.  This stems from the inability of the culprit to separate certain social wrongs in their amygdala.  An example of which can be found in serial rapists or other repeat offenders.  More research is needed in this area.  The amygdala stores past traumas and so if a female laughs at a certain male this buried trauma can be released quickly and completely out of control.  The only way to gain control is to destroy or silence the threat.  By hanging the individual the threat is both silenced and destroyed.  In a social group involved in gang rape it is about power.  In every group there is an alpha male.  He will most likely coerce the others into doing things.  He will enjoy controlling and manipulating them to do whatever he chosses.  Think of Charles Manson for example.

It may be in "male's nature, Vulkan, but understand this: Rape is not about SEX it is about power over women. That is why rape is used in war. Power, pure and simple. To instill fear in women. 

There is only one way to stop these vicious assaults. Enforce the international human rights laws against rape, not just in war but everywhere and in every circumstance.

Also understand this. It isn't about "Eve tempted Adam" as it says in the Bible. This is a crock, a fairy tale written by, guess who. A man.


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