Many people in the United States are outraged about recent attacks on women in other countries. I am, too. For example: Child bride kills groom, 3 others. On April 11, 2014, a 14-year-old girl in Nigeria, killed her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends by putting rat poison in their rice. The man was 24 years older than she was. She told police she did this because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. The girl has been charged with culpable homicide.

But as I point out in my blog post Why Hate Women ... women are raped, abused, murdered and treated like sex objects in America, too.

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Never use xenophobia to fight an injustice. In the USA this is becoming a dangerously strong current used by many groups. Just listen to any radio talk show. As long as liberals and so-called progressives don't see this when they themselves use it, our nation will continue its rapid decline.

I would say that the examples on my blog prove that women have plenty to fear from Muslims. perhaps you haven't read it.

This has degenerated into a male vs female debate. Apparently now we are also bringing in liberals and conservatives. So do we equate male/pro-muslim/conservative/Republican vs female/anti-Muslim, liberal/Democrat?


The news this morning spoke of a divided America. Apparently we are more divided than I thought. This has become an ugly debate, especially since there are no opposing views on either side. So be it. I'm thoroughly disgusted with most of my fellow Americans already.

Yeah, I agree, but I'm even more disgusted that we're sending more US troops back to Iraq. Only 300? then 3000? 

I say take all our troops AND our money out of the Middle East and spend it on our deteriorating infrastructure (roads, bridges) and decaying school systems.

Have a lovely weekend!

Again, I'm with you on this. Infernal oil interests!

Thanks, I.J., and I forgot to say, we should be spending the money to help the men and women in the military that we sent over there to fight. That they are being denied the proper care is disgusting and totally outrageous.

Indeed, though I think the problem there is the bureaucracy, the paper shufflers on the government's payroll. Lazy and without basic ethics.

Possibly. The other problem is no one wants to deal with the consequences of this ugly and useless war. Homeless vets. Disabled vets. Horribly maimed vets. Out of sight out of mind.

And it's not just the oil interests. It's feeding the military industrial complex. Remember Halliburton? 

Ah, yes. In cahoots with Dick Cheney. And he has the nerve to open his mouth still. In the end not even Bush liked him.


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