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Real Name vs. Pen Name
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Started this discussion. Last reply by minervaK Mar 12, 2009.

Double M

Do No Harm

I believe part of the Hippocratic oath is to do no harm. I also believe that's a good motto for an author to follow when writing.

Without giving anything away, I'll just say my new release, A PERFECT ANGEL, which is the sequel to HER HANDYMAN, rights a necessary wrong done to a character in the first book. 

Although each book is independent of the other and can be read separately, for best enjoyment, I recommend reading HER HANDYMAN first, and then A PERFECT ANGEL.

After you've read them both, you'll see what I mean about Do No Harm.

Find all of Morgan Mandel's romances, mysteries & thrillers at 
her Amazon Author's Page:

For excerpts from all of her books see the Morgan's Book Links Blog:

Twitter: @MorganMandel


Celebrating the release of A Perfect Angel,  the 2nd in the 2-Book Perfect Match Romance Series by offering Her Handyman, the 1st in the series free.

Here are the freebie dates:
Friday    -  July 18
Saturday - July 19
Sunday   -  July 20

Click the Book Names or the Pictures to get to each link.

Take advantage of this freebie while it lasts!

Find all of my chick-lit romances at:

All my romances, mysteries & thrillers are at:

A Perfect Angel Just Got Released!

Last evening, I took the plunge and finally released A Perfect Angel, the second of the two part, Perfect Match series. The first in the series was Her Handyman. I have some ideas about extending the series, but am not sure yet if that will happen. I have a number of other books to complete first!

If you haven't yet read Her Handyman, I hate to give too much away. I can say I felt sorry for one of the characters in the first book. She was a nice person. I wanted her to get a happy ending, because she deserved it!


Read A Perfect Angel and let me know whether or not you agree I did the right thing by her!!!

Morgan Mandel

Find all of Morgan Mandel's books at her Amazon Central Page:

Read excerpts at

Twitter: @MorganMandel

A Perfect Angel Is On the Way I Promise!

Events seem to conspire delaying the publication of A Perfect Angel, my sequel to the romantic comedy, Her Handyman. I discovered a flaw which necessitated a rewrite, but am convinced the book is all for the better now.

I hope to have it ready and out by June sometime. When it is, everyone will know!

Morgan Mandel
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St. Joseph's Day and the St. Joseph's Day Table - a Repeat Blog from March 19, 2009

Because I've made some new friends since this was last posted, and also since some of the friends I did know before have a short memory, here's my post about a St. Joseph's Day Table from 2009. Unfortunately, we haven't had any St. Joseph's Day Tables around here recently. The comments still remain here from that post, but you're still welcome to add another.

Okay, here goes:

You'd have to live in a cave not to be aware of March 17, St. Patrick's Day, a day for wearing of the green, when even people who aren't Irish pretend to be.

In passing, I just happened to mention to a few people about St. Joseph's Day, an Italian feast day, celebrated on March 19, a day for wearing of the red. They'd never heard of it before. Also, they'd never heard of a St. Joseph's Day Table.

If you belong to the category of people who have never heard of or participated in a St. Joseph's Day Table, you've missed out on a wonderful event.

The St. Joseph's Day Table is said to have originated in the Middle Ages when a drought struck Sicily and families prayed to God and also to St. Joseph. To stay alive, many of them resorted to eating fava beans. When their prayers were answered and the rains came, the Italians named March 19 as a special feast day dedicated to St. Joseph. They set up a grand table of food to share and celebrate. Since it was Lent, the food was meatless, but plentiful. Flowers and other decorations added to the festivities.

From such roots the present St. Joseph's Day Table was born, traditionally celebrated sometime near March 19, consisting of a massive buffet of meatless dishes, usually with more than one variety of pasta, along with salads, breads, plus almost any kind of pastry you can think of, with lots of flowers and other decorations.

The St. Joseph's Day Table not only provides a grand feast, but also lucky fava beans, a talisman purported to prevent pantries from going bare.

I've posted a few photos of the St. Joseph's Day Table held one Sunday at our church hall.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has heard of St. Joseph's Day or a St. Joseph's Day Table. Also, have you been to one? Please share.

Morgan Mandel, who is part Italian!



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Morgan Mandel replied to Stacy's discussion Article: Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price
"I don't see where your prices are extraordinarily high, David.  It's good to get other perspectives. The only way we can tell is to see whose ideas work. Yours seem to be in an affordable range, in comparison to those using agency…"
Jan 7, 2012
Morgan Mandel replied to Benjamin Sobieck's discussion Pace of Reading on an E-reader
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Jan 6, 2012
Morgan Mandel replied to Stacy's discussion Article: Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price
"I'm afraid, the economy being what it is, ebooks can't cost more, because many people can't afford to pay more. Sure, I'd like to get more for my ebooks, but I've priced them at 99 cents, except for my new one at $2.99,…"
Jan 6, 2012
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Jan 6, 2012
Morgan Mandel posted a status
"Just released Forever Young: Blessing or Curse, a paranormal romantic thriller, on Kindle & Smashwords & Have begun a Blog Book Tour."
Jan 6, 2012
Morgan Mandel replied to I. J. Parker's discussion All these fiddly little problems in electronic publishing
"Good luck with your Smashwords version! When I put Killer Career up on Smashwords, it took me a while. The trick was to follow the manual step by step and not miss anything. When I had it all done, I was happy it worked on the first try. I had…"
Oct 12, 2010
Morgan Mandel commented on Love Is Murder Conference's blog post Review of Local Guest of Honor Michael Allen Dymmoch's novel
"That cover is a real stitch! Morgan Mandel"
Aug 13, 2010
Morgan Mandel and Jerry Peterson are now friends
Jun 3, 2010

Profile Information

Chicago, IL
About Me:
Just out - Forever Young: Blessing or Curse, a paranormal romantic thriller by Morgan Mandel -
Fresh beginnings turn tragic when Dorrie Donato’s husband, Larry, is killed in a hit and run accident a few months after starting a new job at the Life is for Living Institute. Discouraged and desperate after suffering countless setbacks, Dorie accepts an offer by Larry’s boss, the famous Angel Man, to be the first to test an experimental pill designed to spin its user back to a desired age and hold there, yet still retain all previous memories. The pill seems too good to be true. Maybe it is.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer, Publisher
Books And Authors I Like:
Sidney Sheldon
Mary Higgins Clark
John Grisham
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Dog Whisperer
Design on a Dime
GAC channel

Excerpt from Forever Young: Blessing or Curse

EXCERPT FROM Forever Young: Blessing or Curse - paranormal romantic thriller by Morgan Mandel Kindle


A limp object lay sprawled in the parking lot where Dorrie was to meet her husband. It looked like, no it couldn’t be...

Pulse pounding, she hit the brakes and flung open the door. A few steps, and she stood  staring in disbelief at her husband’s still form. That red streak didn’t belong in Larry’s salt and pepper hair, nor should it mar his olive skinned cheeks, and trickle onto his white cotton shirt.

She groped in her purse for the smartphone. Fingers shaking, she dialed 911. “There’s been an accident at the Life is for Living Institute. I need an ambulance. Hurry, please.”

A helpless feeling engulfed her. If only she knew first aid, but in all her fifty-five years, she’d never bothered to learn. She had to do something, but what? Bending down, knees scraping the asphalt, she touched her husband’s hand. “Larry, it’s all right. I’m here.”  She wanted to be brave for him, but couldn’t keep her voice from quavering.

He whispered something she couldn’t catch, something about his iPhone.

“I found it on the nightstand, Larry. It’s right here in my purse.”

“Dorrie, I want you to keep it. Something’s…on it,” he gasped.

She bent closer. “I know honey, all those songs and photos. They mean a lot to me, too. Don’t worry, when we get home tonight, we’ll share them together.”

“No, more…Life is for Living isn’t…Forever Young isn’t…”

He struggled to speak, but his voice faded in and out. He probably shouldn’t talk. Where was that ambulance? Her husband needed help.

Larry flashed a weak smile and looked straight into her eyes. “Love ya,” he whispered.

Stifling a sob, she completed the ritual. “Love ya, back.” In their thirty years of marriage, how often had they said those words to each other?

His lips stilled. His hand slackened. His brown eyes stared unseeingly, as his face froze into a smile.

This can’t be happening. Larry, you can’t leave me. It’s too soon.

 Blood rushed to her head. Roaring filled her ears. Larry couldn’t be gone. She’d prove it. Dorrie bent to kiss his lips. They felt warm and soft. He must be alive. Soon the ambulance would come, the paramedics would fix him, and he’d be all right.

She glanced again at Larry’s still form. The truth hit, sucking her breath away. She didn’t need a medical examiner to tell her what she could see with her own eyes. Larry had left and would never return. Her stomach convulsed, her chest heaved with sobs.

It shouldn’t end like this, not in the middle of a parking lot. Larry deserved better. So did she. - Kindle - Smashwords


Excerpt from
TWO WRONGS By Morgan Mandel - Amazon

February 12, 1996

“WHAT’S GOING ON down there?”
Danny Callaway heard the question, but couldn’t answer. His brain froze in the cold February air as he stared at the broken rag doll that had once been his sister, Mary Alice.
In his sixteen years he’d never witnessed death first-hand. Until now.
Mary Alice’s still form lay sprawled against the alley’s cement. Her head stuck out at a crazy angle like the girl in the Exorcist movie.
Hoping against hope, he checked for a pulse at her neck. Nothing. He tried her wrist, but got the same result.
His mind was all jumbled. All he could think of were stupid things, like how he’d heard guys call Mary Alice a prude because she closed the top buttons on her blouse and never wore mini-skirts.
She’d sure be embarrassed not to have anything on at all. Someone had to cover her up and make her look presentable. Maybe Mom could help.
But how could he tell her? A sob tore through his throat. He clamped his mouth shut to keep the bile from rushing out.
Through the shock and pain, one thing remained clear. Kevin would pay for this.

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Midwest Book Review Gives Killer Career 5 Stars!

I'm so very happy to report that Midwest Book Review gave Killer Career 5 stars on Amazon at

Here's the link to Midwest Book Review's site as well:

Thanks for letting me share,

Morgan… Continue

Posted on October 13, 2009 at 11:49pm

Killer Career Now at Barnes & Noble

I received some fantastic news about my new release, KILLER CAREER. It's now available in Barnes & Noble stores, as well as on their database. I'm still waiting to hear back from Borders and Books-A-Million.

Killer Career is about a lawyer whose decision to quit her day job could be a killer. That's because her mentor, a NY Times bestselling author does more than write about murders. Her law partner isn't too happy about her leaving, either. Does he mean more to her… Continue

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 9:53am


Hi Gang,

Please stop on by my blog today at to get the link for the first stop on my blog book tour at Cicero's Children, Mary Welk's blogspot. This one's about Villains and Heroes - Gotta Love 'Em.

I have prizes - gray tee shirt for a guy without the cover art on it, cap or tote bag for a gal with the cover art on it. To be eligible you need to comment at my blogspot either before or after you comment at one or more blogspots during… Continue

Posted on August 13, 2009 at 12:00am


Julie McGuire gazed intently from her table in the filled-to-capacity dining room of the Wyndham Hotel. The Love To Murder Mystery Conference had saved the best for last. New York Times bestselling author, Tyler Jensen, now approached the podium.

His entire bearing commanded attention, from his shoulder length wavy chestnut hair pushed back behind his ears, to his sexy sideburns and piercing hazel eyes. She guessed him to be thirty-five, about five years older than she. Clever, rich, tall,… Continue

Posted on July 16, 2009 at 2:40pm

I'm Being Interviewed Today at

If you've got a few moments, please check out my interview today at Mysterious People,

Morgan Mandel

Posted on March 1, 2009 at 10:30pm

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At 3:54am on July 20, 2009, Lisa Fernow said…
Let me know how I can help - love to see your thriller succeed.
At 7:55am on July 19, 2009, Lisa Fernow said…
I adore thrillers (and spy novels), and keep thinking it would be fun to write one - I've travelled all over the world and love the jetsetting aspects of the genre, but thought I needed to be conversant in blowing things up (all the 'guy' details) to write one. As a woman, do you think you bring a different sensibility to the genre? I think there has to be a market for this!
At 11:07pm on July 16, 2009, Susan Froetschel said…
Good luck with launch of Killer Career, and could attract attention on this killer of a job market!
At 4:04pm on July 16, 2009, Lisa Fernow said…
Fantastic noir photo. Do you consider yourself more a romance writer turned to suspense, or the other way around?
At 3:55pm on July 16, 2009, Roy LaPlante said…
Hi Morgan. Thanks for makin' friends.
At 5:05am on December 22, 2008, Sheri Fresonke Harper said…
I hope you have a merry Christmas and happy holiday season :) Sheri
At 2:00am on October 21, 2008, Irene Fleming said…
Hi, Morgan,
Happy to be friends. I remember Chicago with great fondness, though it's been several lifetimes since I was there. You have a cool page, a lot of stuff going on, many familiar faces.
At 5:57am on August 15, 2008, J. Michael Jenne said…

Do you think you or someone you know would be interested in my story?


At 2:17am on August 13, 2008, J. Michael Jenne said…
Ms Mandel,

You sound like the perfect person to author my story. If you review my crimespace spot, or Email me at, I promise you won't be dissapointed. If you or a friend are available to do this project, let me know and I will get you the necessary information.


J. Michael Jenne

P. S.

Google: John Jenney, for family history ( William LeBaron Jenney - The 1st Skyscraper )
At 3:39am on August 8, 2008, Beth Groundwater said…
Hi Morgan,
Thanks for befriending me. Boy, you are a busy beaver with networking and events! You've even impressed this fellow mystery author. :)

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