June 2015 Blog Posts (12)

Review: "The Guns Of Vedauwoo (Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Series Book Six)" by Wayne D. Dundee

Having delivered prisoner Luther Hyatt back to Cheyenne, U. S. Deputy Marshal Cash Laramie is looking forward to some time off. After putting up with the foul piece of human garbage known as Luther Hyatt for three very long days on the trail, Cash has plans for a bath, food and booze, and quite possibly some time with Lenora Wilkes. Unfortunately, Chief Marshal Devon Penn has other plans for Cash.…


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Review: "See Also Murder: A Marjorie Trumaine Mystery" by Larry D. Sweazy

Living on a farm in Stark County, North Dakota in July of 1964 is hard, but it isn’t winter and that helps a little bit. Things are harder for Marjorie Trumaine than most because she is trying to manage it all pretty much by herself. It has been that way since her husband, Hank, had his hunting accident that left him blind and paralyzed. He spends his days, except for a rare trip away from home, lying in their bed unable to care for himself or the farm they both love.…


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Review: "The Crime Of Our Lives" by Lawrence Block

Noted crime writer, author, and much more, Lawrence Block avoids writing book reviews. He also prefers to write, if he is going to, about those authors that have departed. He explains why and more in the first section titled “Before We Begin” of The Crime of our Lives. While he won’t write reviews, he will write introductions to books which is what most of this book consists of— many of the various introductions he has written over the years.…


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Review: "Gathering Prey" by John Sandford

The latest in a long series from author John Sandford, Gathering Prey opens with Skye and Henry befriending Letty, the adopted daughter of Lucas and Weather Davenport. Letty knows very quickly that Skye and Henry are part of a group known as “Travelers” and spends some time with them learning about how they move around the country. Their lifestyle is far away from Letty’s life as a student at Stanford.…


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Review: "Mangrove Bayou: A Troy Adam Mangrove Bayou Mystery" by Stephen Morrill

Troy Adam most recently left the Tampa PD in less than ideal circumstances. This June morning he is in the small town of Mangrove Bayou located somewhere south of Naples on the Gulf coast. Summer has come to Florida and Troy Adam has come to interview for the job of police chief. Of course, they don’t call it that. They call it the “Director of Public Safety” even though that is not quite what the sign on his door reads after it was vandalized a little bit.…


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Review: "Dry Bones: A Longmire Mystery" by Craig Johnson

The place known as “Lone Elk” covers 10,000 acres in Absaroka Country, Wyoming. The landscape in May is dotted with blooming beauty and the scents are heavy in the air. Heavy in the water in one of the ponds at Lone Elk is a body that Omar Rhodes has found. Wealthy beyond all means, Omar likes his toys as well as to hunt and fish. This day he was on Lone Elk fishing as he had the permission of the family.…


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Review: "It Doesn't Take A Genius" by Kate Thornton

According to the author’s forward, the editor refused to include the short story It Doesn’t Take A Genius in the short story collection Inhuman Condition because of its “graphic subject matter.”  For those who read a lot of crime or non-cozy mystery stories  the so called “graphic subject matter” is really not that graphic at all and certainly not at all disturbing.…


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Review: "Blood Sweep" by Steven F. Havill

Sheriff Robert Torrez likes his privacy and is meticulous about what he does. That includes his off duty hours. Some are spent hunting. With permission of the landowner, Miles Waddell, (builder of Nightzone) the good sheriff has been using a portion of his off time to track a herd of antelope. In this case there is not the thrill of the hunt as it is more a scientific operation for…


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Chapters - V

C05 “The beach was too sandy. We had to clean everything when we returned to our room.”

What did you expect the beach to be? Covered in tile?


Some of these complaints are more inane than others. I think my snarky comment, while made in jest, brings up a valid point. What did these folks expect when they went to the beach? A beach, one for tourists, is mostly sand. There are rocky…


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Review: "The Julius Katz Collection" by Dave Zeltserman

After a forward by author Ed Gorman comparing and contrasting the differences between Julius Katz and Nero Wolf as well as considering how these short stories relate to Dave Zeltserman’s body of crime novels, it is on to the stories in The Julius Katz Collection. If you have never read some of these tales courtesy of his many appearances in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine you are in for a real treat. Even if you have read them before it is always very enjoyable to read…


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Review of GATHERING PREY by John Sandford

An outstanding crime thriller read. MURDER BEACH MYSTERY REVIEWS. http://billsmedia.blogspot.com

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Chester Himes in The Daily Beast

Good morning. I haven't been posting much -- not at all, actually -- lately for two simple reasons: finishing book and art projects and travelling, and frankly there isn't much going on on the site beyond self-promo and book reviews. There seems to be little discussion of real matters, those things that brought me here in the first place. Hopefully that'll change over time.

But I hope this lands in the right place. There's a terrific article in The Daily Beast today: How Chester Himes…


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