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A novel for the testosterone-crowd, 'Ffolkes' Medicine.'

Want to meet a different kind of detective? Want to meet a character who is loud, obnoxious, vain and a certifiable narcist? Like a little history thrown into the reading? Then you might enjoy Ffolkes' Mediciene: The Adventures of Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes begin.

Seventeenth Century piracy at its best--with a character who has a mind that pre-dates Sherlock Holmes in many respects. Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes is your man. Pirate, swordsman, poet and sometimes…


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A new short story of mine . . .

A new Tuner Hahn/ Frank Morales short story entitled Just a Job is in this month's Suspense magazine.


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Two new short stories up

I've got two short stories up on a couple of sites. One is a Turner Hahn/Frank Morales piece. The other is about my newest character, a hit man by the name of 'Smitty.'

For the Turner/Frank story go to:


And for the Smitty story, go to:…


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