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It’s a deep-freeze with a record amount of snow in the Ol ‘Peg. February has started with a cold snap and general crankiness with shoveling on my part. This can be the tough month, but it tends to be one of my busiest for some reason. For those you putting together various proposals for March 1st deadline for funding, you know what I mean. I have a project I would like to put forward, but I’m waiting to hear about a gig, and that answer will come down tomorrow (Wednesday). If it goes ahead,…


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New Horizons

Well here we are. My first entry using a new tool. I have used Blogger in the past, but found the templates and look of the thing to be unappealing. I tried a paid hosting site called Squarespace, but found it expensive for what I was getting for my buck. Squarespace’s Gallery was buggy and the final straw was the jumpy, inconsistent nature of its blog entry function. If something as simple as writing text and posting an entry becomes a chore, you can bet your bottom dollar (especially in…


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