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The Beatitudes - first chapter posted at

Here's a taste and then you can go to my blog and read the chapter. Remember, if you decide to purchase the book, ALL ROYALTIES GO TO REBUILD THE PUBLIC LIBRARIES OF NEW ORLEANS. Libraries, where books live.



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A Cajun Halloween Party -they did it for Harry Potter, They can do it for Pinch & Scrimp

HALLOWEEN PARTIES BUILD NEW ORLEANS LIBRARIES. You did it for Harry Potter, you can do it for PINCH & SCRIMP!

Bonjour, my Friends; it’s me, Lyn LeJeune, author of…


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Halloween parties with a unique crime scene

I'm preparing the ingredients for a great Halloween party for anyone who is interested. I'll be posting it this week. Here's a few tidbits - New Orleans, Cajun Food, Costumes, books, contests, libraries, murder, a secret society, a ghost named Pinch, a voodoo princess name Scrimp.

Prepare to put on the show for yours friends this Halloween 2007!

Lyn LeJeune

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Absolut New Orleans - the Drink for Southern Crime writers

If you haven't heard the news and for you writers from the south who like to drink and write - all hail Faulkner and Tennessee Williams and soooo many more, Absolut Vodka has come out with a new blend - ABSOLUT VODKA..Here's more about that: Absolut Vodka has developed a special-edition flavored vodka to honor New Orleans, and the proceeds will go to Gulf Coast charities.

Absolut made the announcement and previewed the mango-with-black-pepper flavor at the annual New…


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The Death of a Friend - Excerpt.

I was too distraught to take in the details of the interview. I had become numb, dead to the world, irrelevant and bereft. I lived in a state of extreme suspension for the next few days. I pulled the phone from the wall, locked the door, closed the curtains, and left the apartment in darkness. I ate from cans, dry cereal chased with swigs of wine, beer and then vermouth and then vodka. I slept but did not dream. Then the taxi driver banged on my door, yelled that he was there to take me to a…


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The Beatitudes in New Orleans

My other blog is dedicated to helping rebuild the public libraries of New Orleans. The book is completed and revised, and I hope to have it out by the end of the summer. Here is a quick description of the book:

Out of New Orleans before the catastrophe that was made by a hurricane and, as Dante wrote, “of false…


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The Beatitudes in New Orleans

Please check out my blog, and think about helping in the restoration of public libraries in New Orleans. If you wish, let me know and I will add you as a Beatitude.

My book is complete and I have been looking for a good agent. The proceeds of any profit will go toward New Orleans public libraries. Wish me luck. The title is The Beatitudes and it is book one in The New Orleans…


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