Absolut New Orleans - the Drink for Southern Crime writers

If you haven't heard the news and for you writers from the south who like to drink and write - all hail Faulkner and Tennessee Williams and soooo many more, Absolut Vodka has come out with a new blend - ABSOLUT VODKA..Here's more about that: Absolut Vodka has developed a special-edition flavored vodka to honor New Orleans, and the proceeds will go to Gulf Coast charities.

Absolut made the announcement and previewed the mango-with-black-pepper flavor at the annual New Orleans culinary festival, Tales of the Cocktail.

Absolut New Orleans, which went on sale Aug. 1, commemorates the second anniversary on Aug. 29 of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. The company plans to make 35,000 cases, with 100% of the sales — an estimated $2 million — to go to the charities.

A national print ad shows people returning to the city to rebuild.

So 35,000 cases are going quick. What would be your recipe using this concoction? And can you really write while drinking? Used to be the dectectives of the noir 30s, 40s and 50s slurpped it up...now? pot, coke, or just a really twisted view of the world? What do you think?

post your own concoction here! (I loved it when Marlowe took a long pull and looked over his glass at a swanky dame)

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