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Authors and Readers

I've always considered authors and readers to be two sides of the same coin and felt that a book should be a form of interaction between them. I sincerely hope when you read one of my books I make it clear that I am in fact talking to you. We may never have met, but I firmly believe that the fact that a reader has chosen to pick up and read a writer's work establishes a definite bond between…

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Ask! Tell!

Almost every writer I know works his/her tail off trying to court new readers (and to keep current readers interested and coming back for more). Most writers have websites, and I've always thought the fact that "web" is part of the word is, albeit unintentional, prophetic. While it may be an unflattering image, writers spin their websites with the sole intention of catching readers.

My webmaster and I are always trying to come up with new ways to have vistors come by, and as a…


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Carrots and Sticks and Time Travel

In order to lure prospective new readers to my A World Ago blog ( I'd like to post here one entry...a letter written my parents on May 16, 1955, while I was a very young Naval Aviation Cadet learning to fly. If you like it, and I of course hope you do, perhaps you can check out the other more than 200 letters in the blog.

16 May 1955



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Note in a bottle

I've been a member of Crimespace around a week now, and I still haven't figured out how to get directly to the profiles/personal information of those of you who have been kind enough to invite me to your friends' list. Life is not easy for a cyber-Neanderthal.

So, since I'm still learning the ropes, I look on this blog entry somewhat like putting a note in a bottle and tossing it into the cybersea.

And like most notes in a bottle, it's a cry for attention. Like every…


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Blogs and Time

Blogs to the left of me, blogs to the right. Blogs here, blogs there. How many blogs can you read? Which ones do you read, and why? How do you find them?

I'm of course delighted that you're reading this one, and hope you'll come back. But just as you are overwhelmed by the choices you have, I'm a little overwhelmed by the fact that with no fewer than four blogs running (counting this one, and not counting my Navy letters blog, A World Ago, (…


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