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From Non-Fiction to Fiction...and Back Again

I have been long absent from these boards. In my last post, I told of working on a novel, "A Good Plague." It has occupied the better part of my time for more than a year. The manuscript has taken some dizzying turns. After a particularly intense period of working on it almost non-stop for 48 hours, taking out some 15,000 words, totally rewriting the opening chapter, and writing about 10,000 new words, I fell asleep. When I awakened, I opened the file and started working again, so intent on… Continue

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How William Faulkner Dragged Me Into the Sordid World of Writing

One sultry New Orleans afternoon when I was a young, impressionable and still quite innocent girl of eleven, I stumbled upon a ragged copy of William Faulkner's Sanctuary in a dim corner of the New Orleans Public library. A quick glance convinced me this was not something the prissy librarian would allow little me to take home to mom and dad; I spied the word "bastard" on the bottom of page nine, and the same character said the same word four more times on page ten.

I tucked the book… Continue

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Buried Deep

"Hello" to all my Crimespace friends. Hope everyone is doing well.

Just a quick post to bring everyone up to date. I have been buried deep, working on a sci-fi medical thriller called, "A Good Plague," all about a bio-engineered vaccine. Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong, and my heroine has to sort out everything and save the world. It's based on real science that also went horribly wrong but in a completely different way. It didn't make kabillions of dollars for its developers… Continue

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