"Hello" to all my Crimespace friends. Hope everyone is doing well.

Just a quick post to bring everyone up to date. I have been buried deep, working on a sci-fi medical thriller called, "A Good Plague," all about a bio-engineered vaccine. Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong, and my heroine has to sort out everything and save the world. It's based on real science that also went horribly wrong but in a completely different way. It didn't make kabillions of dollars for its developers and so was abandoned. When I read the news story, I asked my favorite question, "Yes, but what if...?" And thus was my novel born.

I will post again when I finish the novel.

Now selling the novel...that's another thing entirely, but i am meeting with an A-list agent in May. I hope she likes it and can sell it. I hope to sign with someone who will let me write both fiction and non-fiction. That's why I parted ways with my last agent, because she wanted me to just keep pumping out non-fiction medical books.

Pat Smith

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