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'Show No Mercy' and 'Convictions' free today

There's been a lot said about the rights and wrongs of giving books away, but before KDP Select and the opportunity to make my books free, they were all but invisible. Consequently I'm having another one day giveaway, for short story collection 'Show No Mercy' and debut novel 'Convictions'.

'Convictions' generally does very well indeed over two days, so it will be interesting to see how many readers it attracts with a one day only promotion.

If you'd like a copy of…


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Guilty Conscience interview

I am indebted to Luca Veste for taking the time to interview me over at his blog, Guilty Conscience. Thank you., Luca!

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Two books, two new reviews

I've been blessed again this week with good, insightful, thoughtful reviews.


Elizabeth White reviewed my short story collection Gone Bad at her Book Review blog. Read it…


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Drunk on the Moon

Paul Brazill's eagerly anticipated Drunk on the Moon series of e-books kicked off earlier than anticipated, hitting the stores yesterday - and it's already racing up the Amazon charts. The first in the series, written by Paul himself, is a humdinger of an opener, introducing werewolf PI Roman Dalton and the mean streets he prowls. Paul's writing…


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News, reviews and interviews

And, you'll be relieved to know, it's not all about me. (But some of it is...)


On the news front, I heard about Lyrotica: An Anthology of Erotic Poetry and Prose yesterday. I mention it because it contains the writing of the immensely talented Richard Godwin. His debut novel…


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An embarrassment of riches

Well, it's been a brilliant few days for me (as Julie Morrigan) on the Internet.


First up, Sabrina Ogden wrote and posted a smashing review of Gone Bad at her blog, My Friends Call Me Kate. That was yesterday.


Sabrina was also generous enough to invite me to write a…


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Hard Times and Broken Dreams

Brilliant news for Ian Ayris, whose heart-rending story HARD TIMES - A CHARLIE SPLINTERS STORY was placed fourth in the recent Watery Grave Invitational. Congratulations, Ian - it's a fantastic story. It stays with you long after you've finished reading, too.


BROKEN DREAMS is Nick Quantrill’s debut novel, and it’s a cracker.

It can’t be easy being a PI in…


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Been a long time since I rock and rolled

Not really - never is - one of the benefits of working from home is the music. Mind you, even when I had a 'proper' job and I worked in an office, I was often to be found with headphones on, sweet sounds blasting  into my brain, doing their best to kill the sheer fucking tedium of waiting for it all to implode.

Those days, when I did my online trawl to start the day (email, news, horoscope etc), I would always pop in for a visit with… Continue

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Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Over the past few days I've been lucky enough to have had a couple of interviews posted online.


Just today Dan Holloway, author of dark psychological thriller The Company of Fellows, invited me to answer some questions over at his place.


And on Sunday, the wonderfully talented…


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New reviews

These past few days have brought a couple of smashing reviews, one for Gone Bad and one for Convictions. My sincere thanks to all those wonderfully generous folks who have bought the books and/or taken the time to write reviews. I am extremely grateful.

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Been catching up with my reading now that my writing is a tad more up to date. Reviews of Sean Patrick Reardon;s MINDJACKER and Nigel Bird's DIRTY OLD TOWN here, and Josh Stalling's stunning debut BEAUTIFUL, NAKED AND DEAD here.


Tied in with this is the fact that my blog is…


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Debut novel 'Convictions' now published

I'm delighted to have published my debut novel, 'Convictions', as an e-book. I've blogged about it over at Gone Bad.


Coincidentally, The Bookseller has reported that e-book sales in the UK now account for 6% of the market, having grown 300% in 2010. Let's…


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Dancing with myself

Absolutely thrilled to be Dancing with myself over at Sea Minor. Many thanks to Nigel Bird for letting me do the one woman waltz all over his blog. What a gent!

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Gone Bad at Criminal-E

I'm absolutely delighted to have been interviewed by Al Guthrie  for Criminal-E. Read it here if you are so inclined. Thanks Al!

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New 'Writing Services' website

My partner and I have a new website which we are very pleased with. We're just wondering whether we ought to add e-book services to the range. We collaborated on the cover to my recent e-book GONE BAD and I did the formatting, which I found very straightforward. I know not all writers have the inclination to do these things themselves, so perhaps… Continue

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Calorie free e-Easter treats

I blogged about some alternatives to the traditional chocolate egg over at Gone Bad, books that won't broaden the hips but might broaden the mind. Can't be bad!

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Acedia and other things

I blogged over at Another Day in the Word Factory about how much I love to write and yet how inventive I can be when it comes to putting writing off. Sometimes the hardest thing to do can be the simplest - sit down with a pen and paper and use the former to put words on the latter, or start typing on a keyboard and see the screen gradually fill up.


I always used to write a first draft longhand. Part…


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New story at TK'n'C

Absolutely delighted that my story, THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT, is now up at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. Read it here if you are so inclined.

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E-books? Hell, yeah!

Less than two weeks ago, I read some stuff that opened my mind to the possibilities and opportunities presented by e-books. I did a complete about face and went from being totally disinterested in them to becoming very enthusiastic about them. Perhaps the most insightful observation made to me regarding this was that I was initially looking at e-books from the point of view of a reader who would far rather have a 'proper' book, and moved to the standpoint of a writer who wanted to be able to…


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