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One Year Today...

I've left it till now, but today has been one year since my father passed away, aged 83.

I was there by his hospital bedside, as he ebbed away, peacefully in his sleep. His health had been deteriorating for the last 2 years, and it was only after we managed to get him hospitalised, that we discovered that apart from the diabetes, that we aleady knew of, we found out he also had pancreatic cancer.

Between myself and my brothers, we thought that his weight…


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A Little Bit More... About Me!

So... I started reading fictional books properly when I was about 12 (I think), that is to say that apart from my normal 1st school (primary), of which English (reading & writing) I was pretty much very good at, and picked it up reasonably swiftly. However, I hated maths and so was very slow, but I'm much better now... thanks!!

I remember reading George G. Gilman western novels, about a man called Edge, set in the post American civil war. Then I read Martin Caidin's…


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Didn't get the job!

I'd applied for a job recently that I thought would be right up my street; alas after several weeks of waiting, an interview and several phone calls, I received a letter today stating that I had been unsuccessful. Aahh well... just have to keep trying I suppose!

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