I've left it till now, but today has been one year since my father passed away, aged 83.

I was there by his hospital bedside, as he ebbed away, peacefully in his sleep. His health had been deteriorating for the last 2 years, and it was only after we managed to get him hospitalised, that we discovered that apart from the diabetes, that we aleady knew of, we found out he also had pancreatic cancer.

Between myself and my brothers, we thought that his weight loss, and increasing immobility problems were caused by his advancing years, but little did we know.

It's still a hard wrench, especially as I'm currently living in the family home, so no matter where I turn, the memories come flooding back. Sometimes, I think I catch a glimpse of the old chap sitting in his favourite chair, reading the paper, or if I'm in town, there are a few gentlemen who could be the 'spitting image' of him, and I usually do a 'double-take'.

My mother passed away 22 years ago aged 60, but it's still a wrench when I think about her; at least, in essence, they're back together.

Thinking of you... Mum & Dad.

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