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Old News, New Beginnings

Last year this time, one of the big things that was on my mind was the forthcoming publication in Spinetingler of my story, "A Tall House."

It was the first short story I'd finished in a very long time, and I

remain very proud of it. Of course it was exciting that it won the

Spinetingler Cozy Noir contest, but for me it was even more exciting

that I finished it at… Continue

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Catching Up

It's been a while, I know. Summer appeared rather abruptly, offering its various distractions. Plus, I've been trying to catch up on my reading, which has been lovely, to be honest. I'm getting ready to head east for a week or so, first to visit family and then to travel to New York City for ThrillerFest, as well as a reading event at the New York Center for Independent Publishing.

The NYCIP event will be Wednesday, July 11. It's called…


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Falling in Love Again

Okay, I admit it. I've met someone new.

Sigh. *batseyes*

Do you want to hear about him? I don't even know what to say, he's soooo dreamy. Which means, I admit, that I dream about him constantly. Daydream. You know. Oh my. But he's so amazing.

His name is Eager Gillespie.

Yes, I know, that couldn't be his real name? Could it? Maybe it is. When a while can be named Moon Unit or Metallica, Eager doesn't sound so weird. Of course, maybe it's…


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Let's Talk About Guns

Cross posted at my personal blog at:

Yesterday, as you all surely know by now, a monumental tragedy occurred at Virginia Tech, dozens injured or killed by a gunman.

An event like this is going to bring up all kinds of talk. Gun control advocates will make their case. Gun support advocates will make their case. Immigration will come into it, because now we know the gunman was a resident alien from South Korea. This event will…


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The Tyranny of the First Impression

This is a cross post from The Killer Year.

Ours is a world governed by the first impression. Beauty may be only skin deep, but often that’s as deep as we go. Marketing in our consumer culture is essentially about recreating that first impression over and over again. Sometimes the effort is explicit. AT&T becomes Cingular, which becomes AT&T again. Federal Express gets a new logo and… Continue

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Gotta say something

Been wanting to put something here, but I'm doing this juggling thing this week (and next and prolly the next one after that, at least) so I decided to share a little fictoid I wrote. This is an excerpt from a future project with the working title Twenty Dollar Whore:

- - - - - - -

Eager Gillespie was only twenty-two when took one in the face. He and about a dozen others had a guy holed up in a house on Northeast Thirty-Sixth, a man who'd fired a shot that…


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