Okay, I admit it. I've met someone new.

Sigh. *batseyes*

Do you want to hear about him? I don't even know what to say, he's soooo dreamy. Which means, I admit, that I dream about him constantly. Daydream. You know. Oh my. But he's so amazing.

His name is Eager Gillespie.

Yes, I know, that couldn't be his real name? Could it? Maybe it is. When a while can be named Moon Unit or Metallica, Eager doesn't sound so weird. Of course, maybe it's just a nickname. We've just met, and I haven't had a chance to ask about his family or his background much.

There's just one thing. He's dead.

I know, I know, how do you fall in love with a dead guy? What kind of sicko am I, anyway? But it's complicated, and honestly, if all goes well, maybe there's something I can do to bring him to life again. Maybe there's some secret that I haven't yet discovered about who he is, something that will move him from the dead to the quick.

I sure hope so. Because I loooove him!

Here's what I know. He's a young cop, still a probie barely out of the academy. His death is tragic and unexpected (as are so many of them), but he dies in the line of duty. A hero's death. Which is actually good for him, because it turns out if he hadn't been killed, he'd be dead soon anyway, and much more unpleasantly. His hero's death is almost a gift.

The sad thing about Eager is that he's in to some stuff he shouldn't be. I don't know much about it yet, and it's not going to be easy to dig it all out. He wants to be a good guy, but who saddled him with that name maybe got him off on the wrong foot. I've been dreaming about him, and in every dream I learn something new. I learn who his friends are, and which friends maybe shouldn't be. He talks fast and is eager to please, which is probably where his name comes from. That's a great strength of his, but it's also a great weakness. It's what gets him into trouble.

He's my newest character, and I'm going to love bringing him to life and then killing him off again.

Sigh. *batseyes*

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