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Hammett Prize winner announced

The Gumshoe site just reported that Gil Adamson's The Outlander won the Hammett Prize 2007.

There is a certain consequence to it: If they nominated it, they could let it win. It is definitely a fine book.

My congratulations to the winner.

The other nominees could be seen -> here.

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Only one can win: The nominees for the Hammett Prize 2007

Next weekend this year's winner of the Hammett Prize will be announced. The nominees are:

The Outlander, by Gil Adamson

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, by Michael Chabon

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Declan Burke: The Big O

With the “trip to Jerusalem” THE BIG O would have no chance: The book falls between all chairs. It is not one of those humour crime novels, but it is rather subtly funny, it does not show off with local colour, still plays recognizably in Ireland, it is no real thriller, nevertheless, uses this form and it is not a noir, but is heading that way … For those who don't regularly read the blog Crime Always Pays, whose keeper Declan Burke is, THE BIG O makes it clear…


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In den letzten Wochen haben die meisten der bekannteren US-Krimipreise ihre Kandidaten nominiert. Lediglich der Anthony-Award fehlt noch, wird jedoch am 24.07.07 folgen.

Weitgehend unbeachtet von der Blog-Öffentlichkeit hat auch der Nordamerikanische Ableger der „International Association of Crime Writers“ (IACW/NA ) die Bücher bekannt gegeben, die für den Hammet-Prize…


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