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Thanks, and where is Leslie Glass? Linda Barnes? But for Jonanthan Kellerman, I wish I could tweak his books a bit

Thanks to all who have stopped by my review site. I've mixed in a few

other things with the crime lately, and will continue to do so, but I

could review crime for years without picking up another book, so there

is lots more to write.

I don't see any mention of Leslie Glass in the recent discussions (women writers, etc.). I happen to like her books quite a lot and think they are terrific police procedurals. They have a lot of suspense coupled with great character… Continue

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It was a clear day, and if you looked down the street you could see all the way to the Ocean, but not as far as little Velma had gone

Crime fiction is such a pleasure, the psychology of this sometimes troubles me (but I know I can quit whenever I want to).

In writing about fiction over the past week on my regular blog, it is amazing to realize which authors slipped my mind, and joining this site has reminded me of many (Raymond Chandler, for example). This, in spite of the fact that most of what I've talked about is crime fiction. But I'm looking forward to finding out about even more books from the posts and sites… Continue

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Translating fiction/Can I handle a day without murder?

In my latest post on http://nearlynothingbutnovels.blogspot.com/, I describe a great site on translation that I came across. It contains further links to discussions of mistranslation, including mistranslation of dialog to film subtitles. Related sites have also come up in subsequent comments. You might enjoy stopping by to learn about these sites.

I also report on a site from Robert (Bobby) Baird of Chicago. This site has some wonderful writing and great photography. Bobby edits a… Continue

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What has the CIA done for you lately?

I give brief reviews of three espionage books by Robert Littell on my site. The books are The Company, The Defection of AJ Lewinter and The Visiting Professor. Hope you find them useful. Jim

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Karen Fossum, Norway and the Lofoten Islands

I just posted a few comments on my blog about authors linked to Henning Mankell, the Swedish writer, by sharing a common reading audience. Several things may interest people:

1. The ability to type in an author's name and learn what other authors are favored by the first author's audience. For some reason, I find it difficult to… Continue

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