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First Draft Of Second Novel Complete

Finally typed the final words of the first draft of my second novel. The first one was a bust, but this time round I’m determined to whip this baby into shape.

Now the real work begins.

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Back In The Seat

I started a novel in October 2006 that was a mix of crime and horror with a large portion of the story set in 1920s Sydney. I worked on it solidly for two years and reached the climactic scene and then spent about four and a half years writing ten pages.

Last night, I wrote a thousand words. The first draft should be finished soon.

Sometimes it takes a while to finish things I start, but I always get there in the end.


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You Call That A Book Launch? THIS Is A Book Launch.

Big Daddy's doing a Booze And Bands Book Launch for SEX, THUGS AND ROCK & ROLL, the latest Thuglit anthology (which includes a story by the bald headed guy all over this page). Jason Starr, Justin Porter, Sarah Weinman, Patrick Lambe and Big Daddy Thug himself are all going to do readings from the book before they stage dive into the mosh… Continue

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SEX, THUGS AND ROCK & ROLL is now available

Smack bang in the middle of a fine collection of thuggery related literature is my story, BUDDHA BEHIND BARS. It's my first publishing credit so I'm celebrating by dehydrating a bottle of Johnnie Walker and snorting it off the belly of ... okay, I'm just having a glass of Coke. But still, I'm hoping this will kick my arse on to a chair and force me to write some more.

With an intro… Continue

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No Longer Fishing

Which means I'm back. Strangely, after three weeks of limited internet access, I haven't had much of a desire to get back in the cyber-swing of things.

Right now, I'm pretty happy playing lots of guitar. Witness the latest addition to my tools of procrastination:

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A Half-Life Long Dream Achieved!

Remember when I talked about my desires for a National Steel guitar? The kind of guitar that costs whole people's yearly salaries to ship to the sunburnt shores of Australia?

Well, in the last couple of days, I discovered to my absolute and goose-pimple-inducing delight, that I could purchase one of these beautiful beasts for about half the price I would expect in my home country.

So,… Continue

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Gone Fishin'

It's pretty easy for three weeks to pass without my posting here, but I just thought I'd let you all know ... I'm going overseas for three weeks. New York and Los Angeles to be exact. I'll definitely be meeting some of the people that I've only known through the internet for the very first time and I hope to meet a few others too. Like… Continue

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The Lineup: Poems On Crime, Issue 1 Out Now

"...every word has purpose: to plant clues, reveal character, move toward resolution."

Gerald So

Edited by Gerald So of Thrilling Detective, with Patrick Shawn Bagley, R. Narvaez, and Anthony Rainone.

Including the hard-hitting poets Patrick Shawn Bagley, Ken Bruen, Sarah Cortez, Graham Everett, Daniel Hatadi,… Continue

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News From Around The Interweb

Sure, I'm still firmly entrenched in hibernation mode, watching lots of episodes of The Outer Limits and drinking a responsible amount of absinthe, but that doesn't mean I don't have at least one eye to the cyber playground commonly referred to as "the internet."

* Spinetingler magazine has just put out its Summer 2008 issue, which of course confuses me and my Antipodean biological clock (it's winter here, dammit!). Still, with fiction of all lengths (as long as they're short) coming… Continue

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Happy Birthday To Me

Thank all possible deities for Sazeracs. I'm 35.

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Hatadi Is Notable

I feel like the hitchhiker in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas that says, "Hot damn. I never rode in a convertible before." Of course, it's a slightly different feeling in that I can legitimately say,

"Hot damn. I never been notable before."

Jamie Ford let…

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Short Story Competition Results 2008

We have now come to the end of the judging period for CrimeSpace's inaugural short story competition. From a total of thirty-two entries, the pre-judging team arrived at a shortlist that was passed on to the final panel of judges.

From there, the winning three were chosen by this year's panel, made up of authors Katherine Howell, Stuart MacBride, and Sandra Ruttan, as well as Crimespree Magazine's Jon Jordan.


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I Was Born In The Wrong Decade

I'm sure this would have been cheaper in the late 30s. Right now, I'd have to kill for it.

I'm thinking about it.

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Hard-Hitting Poets Arrested For THE LINEUP

"...every word has purpose: to plant clues, reveal character, move toward resolution."

Gerald So

Edited by Gerald So of Thrilling Detective, with Patrick Shawn Bagley, R. Narvaez, and Anthony Rainone

Including the hard-hitting poets Patrick…

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An Absinthe-Minded Journal Begins

Around seven years ago, a good friend who played the oud came to my house with a strange bottle that he proclaimed as ‘absinthe’. I’d never heard of the drink before but was pleased to discover its illegal status. So even though he played a girly Turkish instrument that looked like strings on a watermelon, I…

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Happy 1st Birthday To Crimespace

When I started CrimeSpace on March 4th 2007, I didn't see it living past the six month mark. I certainly didn't see it hitting over 1000 members or winning any awards either. I just saw a hole in the crime fiction internet universe and wanted to fill it. I'm such a boy.

To celebrate CrimeSpace's 1st birthday, I've given the site a revamp. I imagine I'll be tweaking it a little over the first week or so,…

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Spinetingler Awards For 2007

Spinetingler Magazine has announced its new set of awards, the Spinetinglers, for 2007. So run over and check out the list of winners and nominees, as well as the latest issue…

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New Author Directory On Crimespace

Something I've been wanting to do with Crimespace from the beginning was to make it simple for people to find all the authors on board. Up until now there hasn't been any easy way to do this. So I decided to finally get off my butt (or on it), put my programming hat on and come up with something I hope you'll all like. But it's going to need a little work from members.

If you're a reader, there's nothing for you to do other than click on the Authors tab at the top of the…

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Vote For Me

With Australia's federal election well and truly over, it's a good time to grab your voting hats and leg it on over to the Spinetingler Awards Shortlist.

Why, you say, why, Daniel?

Well, old mate, old chum, old pal, it's because…

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Signing My First Publishing Contract

Some time ago I spent a good six months working in fits and bursts on a

short story idea that needed time to percolate. Most stories do,

usually for much less time, but this one was special: it meant

something to me.

I'm talking about religion here.

Having spent many hours reading books on Zen Buddhism and…

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