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Follow-up to It's Friday--Any Good Movies?

So this little lady from Pasadena hauled herself over to the heart of Hollywood on Thursday night by herself for the opening night of the 8th annual Festival of Film Noir and man, it was fun.

It was held at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and I have to admit that I was a little confused in the beginning because there was a crowd of elderly Japanese people lined up outside. Turns out they were there for a new kamikaze movie being screened in an adjoining mini-theatre (I had…


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TurboTaxing It

Taxes are done. Thank God.

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Edgar Dress

So I bought the dress. Everyone was saying, "You need to buy a fantastic dress for the Edgars." Easier said that done. For those who haven't seen me in person, I'm short. Really short. Like Lil' Kim short without the curves (at least in front) and without the jail time. And for those who did read my essay on "daikon ashi" (white-radish legs), I have a couple of those, too. I'm not being self-deprecating. Just honest. I mean, those In-Style magazines, etc. are aimed for the…


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