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Finished Maling

Finished reading Arthur Maling's From Thunder Bay. Check it out if you can and have time. Not a masterpiece and actually it seems like a mainstream novel with a crime in it, but it was still enjoyable. I started Laura Lippman's Charm City after that. Have to start working again and stop reading no-job-related crime.

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Huston's Already Dead

Vampire as a private eye? Yeah, right. It works, though, in Charlie Huston's Already Dead which I completed last Friday. It's a bit too long and there's not enough plot for me, but Huston's style is quite good and moody at times and he also shows being capable of Ross Macdonaldish moments that seem quite essential when we talk about private eye fiction.

Just now reading Arthur Maling's From Thunder Bay (1981). Anyone? It seems pretty good, a bit Dortmunderish, but not as funny. Lots…


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How could I forget...?

Add into my likings: Ross Macdonald, one of the biggest heroes. And Stephen Greenlead whom I recently rediscovered.

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