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Canada Jim, RIP

My father passed away today at 10:50 AM. He was a man who taught me to respect the rights, opinions and property of others, and that hate should be reserved for the evils of mankind, not the people. He welcomed everyone at his table and shared what he had. He was an explorer who embraced curiosity and decried blind obedience (except when he was trying to eat a meal with six children under the age of 11). He loved all women, but committed his life to just two.

A man born in a home for… Continue

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I have joined the National Novel Writing Month contest and accepted its challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. It is day 12 and I just hit 30,411 words. Taking a stab at Suspense/Romance. Keeping the cast tight and the tension high. Following the Donald Moss School of "What's the worst thing that could happen...write it down. Now what's the worst thing that could happen next. Take your characters there." Got to go; plotting a firetruck-suv car chase in beautiful down town Minneapolis,… Continue

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