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New Beginnings

My partner, David, and I had a small group of friends over this morning. We all spent the first half of today watching the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States. We shared food and comment and -- at 9 a.m. Pacific Time -- uncorked a bottle of something bubbly and toasted and cheered and enjoyed each other and… Continue

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Play it Again, Sam

Version one of the trailer for Death Was in the Picture proved to have a typo. Version two -- hopefully - does not. (At least, if it does, it’s a different one!) Here it is:

This is the second Kitty Pangborn mystery, after 2008’s Death Was the Other Woman. Death Was in the Picture will be published January 20, 2009 by St. Martin’s… Continue

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Death Was in the Picture...

I'm delighted to be able to share the trailer for my new book, Death Was in the Picture, due out January 2009 from St. Martin's… Continue

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Still Here. Full of Cheer. Holding Beer.

OK, not really on the beer as I don't actually like the stuff. But I felt like it had been waaaaay too long since I posted anything here and I don't actually have anything to say. (Oddly enough, really, because I generally have something to say about everything.) But my mind has been filled up with the 1930s again lately. I've been working like mad on the second Kitty Pangborn novel: the one we now know will be called Death Was in the Picture and will be at a bookstore or library… Continue

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Vancouver Launch Party for DEATH WAS THE OTHER WOMAN

If you're in the area, please join us!

What: Launch party for DEATH WAS THE OTHER WOMAN by Linda L. Richards as well as an exhibition of 1930s photographs by Karl Huber

When: Thursday, January 24 at 7:00pm.

Where: The Shop, 1866 Powell Street, Vancouver Canada (near the foot of Commercial Drive)

Light refreshments will be served.… Continue

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Today’s the Day: <i>Death Was the Other Woman</i>

I very seldom repost stuff from my personal blog here on my crimespace space, but this is a special day for me, so I’m making an exception. Today, as I said, is the day. And I’m happy.

The publication date of any book is a fairly arbitrary thing. And the fact is, in most cases, by the time the publication date rolls… Continue

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Best of the Season!

Though there’s still a few days left before

the actual holiday, I’m oughta here for the time being. For the next

week, you can find me over at Moments in Crime, the new blog of St. Martin’s Minotaur.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing there all by myself for a whole

week, but if you’d like to stop by, please do. I have a feeling I’ll be

glad of the company.

Here’s wishing you and…

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The Dogs of Christmas

I know it isn't actually quite the day yet -- though 'tis the season -- but I wanted to sneak in and wish everyone a wonderful holiday, before things get crazy and everyone is too busy eating and ripping open presents to admire these two characters.

The reindeer on the right is my canine companion Jett (not really a reindeer, at all). And on the left is her good friend Sara. They don't usually have horns… Continue

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The Trouble With CrimeSpace

I have a problem with CrimeSpace. It’s too much fun: offers up too many thought-provoking forums, too many opportunities to connect with people I already know and like or might have a great deal in common with.

Unlike FaceBook, where I check in every day at least once, CrimeSpace demands I be sharp and on my game. It’s not in my nature to just slouch around and hang out: if something interesting is going on, I want to… Continue

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Defending the Cozy

Congratulations to Clea Simon today on the publication of Cries and Whiskers, her latest Theda Krakow mystery.

Though Simon’s books are well reviewed, highly esteemed and are hardly the talking cat-type mysteries people sometimes roll their eyes at, today in the guest seat on my personal blog, Simon defends the cozy.

“I fully expect Linda’s regular readers to wince and turn away now,” she… Continue

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Quote of the Week: Raymond Chandler, "No Dull Subjects"

I've been rereading "The Simple Art of Murder," Raymond Chandler's essay on the state of mystery fiction as it was in 1944. It's a super interesting piece. While some of the writers he references are no longer widely read -- or even read at all -- most of what he shares here is entirely thought-provoking and worthy of sharing.

I could pull a dozen quotes from this super piece. Two dozen. It's a little bizarre to me that so much of this essay resonates over 60 years after it was… Continue

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Peer Pressure...

So here I am, belatedly arriving to this party. And there's a part of me wondering just what the hell I'm doing. Between all the blogging and other types of reportage I do, between FaceBook and -- hold the phone a minute -- writing books, I'm not exactly sure where I figure I'm going to squeeze the time. But, realistically, there's an aspect to this social networking stuff that I find relatively irresistable. Maybe you do… Continue

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