Still Here. Full of Cheer. Holding Beer.

OK, not really on the beer as I don't actually like the stuff. But I felt like it had been waaaaay too long since I posted anything here and I don't actually have anything to say. (Oddly enough, really, because I generally have something to say about everything.) But my mind has been filled up with the 1930s again lately. I've been working like mad on the second Kitty Pangborn novel: the one we now know will be called Death Was in the Picture and will be at a bookstore or library near you early in 2009.

At this point, the book is essentially done, I'm just warming things up and filling things out and putting the final polish on and researching the final details. If all goes according to plan, I'll be done within the next couple of weeks and back to my usual decade. Thanks for checking in!

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